How Mitt Romney Will Get Unemployment to 6%

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Here is a step-by-step approach of how Mitt Romney will get the unemployment rate to 6% in his first year.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  1. Give bigger tax breaks to Wall Street investors and the very rich.
  2. Encourage companies to fire people to increase profits.
  3. People go on unemployment, however, Romney drops the time to be on unemployment to 4 weeks.
  4. People get frustrated at inability to find job in 4 weeks that they just stop looking.
  5. These people will no longer be counted in the unemployment total, thus the unemployment rate will continue to drop as more people are no longer counted.
  6. However, the real unemployment rate will skyrocket to as much as 20% or more — meeting or exceeding Spain’s unemployment rate.

Therefore congratulations will be given to Romney for lowering the unemployment rate, but we will have extremely high unemployment and more rich bastards, just what Romney dreams of.  If this is what you really want, vote Romney in November, otherwise let’s stay the course.  Let’s keep the rich bastards out of the White House!


American Idol Finale–It’s Finally Over!!

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This year’s American Idol finale wasn’t great.  To me, it lacked the excitement of previous years.  Maybe it was the special guest line ups which were pretty lame this year or maybe it was that the finalists were just plain dull.

It is hard to imagine how in the world that Phillip ended up as a finalist when he always seemed like someone who was on drugs.  Jessica, on the other hand, kept me wondering “where are your papers? This is American Idol—not Filipino Idol!”.  Seriously, if your parents can’s speak English, then you don’t really have the American votes behind you—its that simple!! To add to that she is only 16 and really not all that attractive either, but then again Phillip wasn’t actually a handsome guy either.

The only part of this finale I enjoyed was when the other 10 finalists decided to join in chorus to sing the phone book.  This was hilarious.

I had given up on who was going to win this show after Skylar left as she was my pick to take it all.  I still believe she is still much better that any of the others and I can’t wait until her album comes out possibly next year or if we are lucky at the end of this year.

We can only hope that season 12 of American Idol will be better than this season was.

In the meantime, this fall we have the return of The X Factor.  It looks like it should be called The Disney Rehab Factor as Britney Spears and Demi Lovato join Simon and L.A. at the judges table.  I can see Britney doing this show, but Demi I don’t believe has the experience or age to really mentor others.  I am not saying I don’t enjoy both Demi’s and Britney’s music because I am huge fan of both, I just don’t think that either of these fit this show.

As Simon said in the television ad, “What have I done?”, we will all wonder that same question all dreaded season long of what you have done and what we the viewers did to deserve this punishment.

American Idol Finale score: 5 out of 10

American Idol Complete Season: 6 out of 10

Lindsay and Perez on Glee–2 Trains Wreck in the Night

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I don’t usually watch “Glee”, but last week I felt a need to after hearing that Lindsay Lohan was going to be on the popular show.  The train wreck happened in the second hour of this special 2 hour broadcast.

First, having LiLo and Perez Hilton be guest judges to the performers made me cringe. Seriously, neither of these two should be judges of anything much less a musical competition.

Sure, LiLo released 2 albums in the past, neither were chart burners, but with all her recent newsworthy events in her life, this seemed like another step in her road back to acting.  Yea, she did SNL and some of it was good some not, but this was just bad, bad bad!  Does she always need to show so much cleavage? We have all seen her boobs now including the Photshopped Playboy layout.  Enough already!

Perez, on the other hand, looked like he was auditioning for a “Planet of the Apes” sequel.  Did he forget to shave or did he think the monkey look was in?  His look was bad enough to make me think he was going to start jumping on the table and start scratching himself like the monkey he appeared as.  The interaction between these two was neither funny nor entertaining and truly was a waste of talent for both. 

Perez did a much better acting job when he appeared on the Nickelodeon’s show of “Victorious” when he was on the episode titled “Wi-FI in the Sky”.  In that episode, he played himself on an airplane flight who had a run-in with Tori’s no-talent sister, Trina.  The two rolled around the airplane aisle as Perez tries to retrieve the camera that Trina stole from him.  This was funny, “Glee” was not!

But as Trina said in the episode: “Who needs talent?”  So true as we proved that neither LiLo nor Perez has it.  Trina would have made a better judge.

Final Grade “Glee” : 4 out of 10.

Welcome to my new blog!

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I have decided to make this new blog about everything else in the world that irritates me, moved me, or just go my attention in some way.  While my other blog is mostly about evil Staples and retail in general, this blog will focus on mainly everything else.

This blog is about every topic around–no topic is off limits and can be offensive at times!!

I will discuss politics, movies, television, radio, technology, relationships, celebrities and so on…

Unlike my other blog, there will be no order on this and no preview of what will be the next topic.  It will be whatever hits me and quite possibly will be updated more frequently than my other blog because some posts will be short and some may get long.  No guarantees on what this blog will cover or when.

Please be advised that some of the material may be offensive to some readers and may contain adult language or adult content. Discretion is advised.


The Future May Come Here…Seriously Thinking About It

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For those of you who have been following my blog on Blogger, I am considering moving it to this site or possibly starting a different blog here.  Please respond to the poll to help me decide.  I will be making a decision later this year.  Thank you for your ongoing support.