This year’s American Idol finale wasn’t great.  To me, it lacked the excitement of previous years.  Maybe it was the special guest line ups which were pretty lame this year or maybe it was that the finalists were just plain dull.

It is hard to imagine how in the world that Phillip ended up as a finalist when he always seemed like someone who was on drugs.  Jessica, on the other hand, kept me wondering “where are your papers? This is American Idol—not Filipino Idol!”.  Seriously, if your parents can’s speak English, then you don’t really have the American votes behind you—its that simple!! To add to that she is only 16 and really not all that attractive either, but then again Phillip wasn’t actually a handsome guy either.

The only part of this finale I enjoyed was when the other 10 finalists decided to join in chorus to sing the phone book.  This was hilarious.

I had given up on who was going to win this show after Skylar left as she was my pick to take it all.  I still believe she is still much better that any of the others and I can’t wait until her album comes out possibly next year or if we are lucky at the end of this year.

We can only hope that season 12 of American Idol will be better than this season was.

In the meantime, this fall we have the return of The X Factor.  It looks like it should be called The Disney Rehab Factor as Britney Spears and Demi Lovato join Simon and L.A. at the judges table.  I can see Britney doing this show, but Demi I don’t believe has the experience or age to really mentor others.  I am not saying I don’t enjoy both Demi’s and Britney’s music because I am huge fan of both, I just don’t think that either of these fit this show.

As Simon said in the television ad, “What have I done?”, we will all wonder that same question all dreaded season long of what you have done and what we the viewers did to deserve this punishment.

American Idol Finale score: 5 out of 10

American Idol Complete Season: 6 out of 10