Recently, I saw in my Facebook news feed, a posting from a friend who said “Bless You” to a Muslim woman after she had sneezed and she gave him a dirty look.  I made the comment that “I would not have said anything”.  Others who posted were not so kind, even going to the point of being downright offensive.  What if this woman actually read all the nasty comments being written about her?  She may have gotten quite offended over it and done something very bad if she ever found this original person.

Sadly, we live in a society where nobody can say or do anything without offending someone else.  I say “tough shit, get over yourself”.  With so many foreigners in this country, both legal and illegal, being nice is not politically correct, but unfortunately is a way of life.

Ever since 9/11, we have been a nation of paranoia and showing anger toward anyone who is of foreign descent, whether born here or not.  Is this justified?  I believe it is because NOBODY can be trusted anymore.

Take for example my neighborhood, the house next door to me is owned by foreigners.  They speak no English, drive around in fancy cars, and live in a fairly expensive house.  All together between cars and house, I would say they have over 1/2 million dollars worth of property.  What’s so bad about all this is that nobody ever seems to leave the house long enough to be employed.  Makes you wonder if they are living off the state just like so many other people are.

Another example is the TSA, what is more racist than being profiled by the government just because your name matches one on a list that somebody somewhere created.  Maybe the government is full of racist people as well, but you would never no it if you ever call one of their services and somebody with a foreign accent answers the phone.   Sounds like a double-edged sword of hating and embracing at the same time.

When I went to DHHS, a couple of years ago to get signed up for insurance, the waiting room was about 3/4 foreigners and most of them didn’t speak English.  Is this what our government is doing – giving away money to those who get off the boat while denying those who have worked hard all their life and get nothing when they need it most?

Why should these people be privileged?  As one person wrote in a Facebook message to me stating that I write “racist blogs”, well here is another one for your enjoyment.

This is why so many people seem to be racist. I don’t think there is anybody who is not a racist at some point.   If you aren’t, then you are not normal.   Oops, normal is another racist remark.  As if I was REALLY sorry about that, which I don’t believe anybody would ever be.

As to the Muslim woman and my “racist-hating” friend, I say “Screw You and welcome to the REAL world and have a nice day, loser!”