Network: Nickelodeon (HD preferred)

Time:  Weekdays at 7pm ET, other times on weekends

History of show:

The slime is back with this new version of the 1990’s Nick show.  I don’t remember the original, but this one is actually pretty good.  The host, Jeff Sutphen, formerly of “BrainSurge” and “101 Ways to Leave a Game Show“, is at his entertaining best as always in this mess-fest.

While the current crop of celebrities are Nick stars, it possibly may have other celebrities on future episodes.  Granted this show has only aired a single week so it is way too early to judge who will be future guests.

However, this show is all about the talented kids whose talents that the celebrities must try to figure out.  If they fail, they get slimed or worse get splattered with some other disgusting stuff.  Yes, it is fun to watch them get splattered and sometimes they enjoy it and sometimes not so much.  It is the spontaneity that makes this show so enjoyable.  Yes, it is part of my must-watch list now for summer fun.

Warning:  It is best to watch this show on the NICK HD channel instead of the standard definition channel.  This show, unlike many of Nick shows, is filmed in wide format, but airs in reformatted full-frame on the standard channel.  Shame on Nick for doing this.  Why do they put shows like Victorious in wide format and put shows like this in standard format?  Yes, you do miss some of the picture in the non-wide format.

Final Grade: out of 10