I am posting this to both of my blogs as I feel it is important enough to be said in both of them.

When I joined Facebook back in April 2009, I was reluctant. My reluctance was based upon my wonder of who wanted to ever friend me. I felt a need/want to join after I lost my job at Staples in order to feel some existence. I had friended a few former Staples employees (1 of which I lost – details in a future posting) and a few people I went to high school with.

However, one of those schoolmates seemed to have changed even more so after how I knew them in their post-high school existence. This person turned into someone who was non-acceptable to society. My parents even warned me not to have any contact with this person under any circumstances. This person was not even allowed to come over to my house. If I wanted to meet them, I had to meet them somewhere far enough away so nobody knew I was doing it.

Eventually, this person, who I had known since junior high, disappeared from life. I thought that getting this person back after years would make this person a changed person. Was I ever WRONG!

Since friending them on Facebook, as well as MySpace as well, I have been nothing but constantly harassed by this person. Anything I would write would be criticized to the point of being bullying. I know enough about bullying to avoid it at all costs, but this person didn’t.

I had changed my Facebook settings back in November of last year to have them not see anything I posted, then lifted it in January after a probationary period. This was a huge mistake as the unapologetic hatred continued. Now I have had no choice, but to finally block them completely. I have NO plans on releasing this block ever because the stress and constant harassment became way too much to handle. Their Romney-esque approach to society issues made me too angry to allow them to continue being a friend of mine. There is a point in everybody’s life when one says enough is enough. Real friends don’t kick friends further down, only bullies do and sadly this “friend” is nothing but a bully. Sad to lose a friend this way, but until this person straightens themselves out, which I don’t ever expect, I see no change in their blocked status.