Formspring and Charity Don’t Belong Together

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Imagine it being around the winter holiday season and you are heading to one of your favorite stores.  Out front of the store is one of those bell ringers with the big red kettle.  You walk by the person without giving any money.  Suddenly the person chases you, hits you to the ground, and beats you with the bell.  Chances are that this person would be terminated from being a bell-ringer anymore.

Well, a similar thing happened to me recently on Formspring.  As many of you may know, Formspring is a question/answer website where you follow people similar to Facebook and answer questions from people you follow and vice versa.

Usually there is never a problem with the site for me.  However, last summer I had a guy named “Bill” who endlessly asked me political questions to the point that they got downright annoying.  Some of the questions that “Bill” asked were even flagged by Formspring as being possibly “unsafe”, meaning that they could be insulting or produce some sort of bullying.  After about 3 weeks, “Bill” disappeared and I haven’t had a problem with the site since.

That was until last week when this guy who was heading up a “charity” wanted people to donate to someone because they were facing “hard times”.  First off let me say that there are thousands of people facing “hard times” and the real possibility of people honestly donating would be expected to be fairly low.  Since I had no idea who the person was that the person wanted to help, I kindly said as I do when anybody asks for money: “I don’t give to charity.”

I thought that this was a simple and kind answer and I would be left alone with the comment.  But NOOOOOOO!!  This was not the case at all! The person went absolutely ballistic using foul language to me saying that I should have said nothing than say what I did.  However, I would have felt that it would have been rude if I didn’t respond.  I feel that anybody who runs any charity should be respectable to all responses no matter what.  By ticking off a person with this response, the charity representative made himself look like a jackass.  After all, who wants to donate to a charity where somebody goes off the deep end when they don’t like a person’s response?

It really makes me wonder how legitimate this charity really is.  If you really didn’t want a response then the person should not have used Formspring as his forum to solicit money in the first place.  I believe that solicitation of this type is in violation of Formspring’s Terms of Service, but it is not my place to decide.

Before I go on, let me explain why I don’t give to charity.  The first reason is that I am poor and unemployed.  The second reason is that there are way too many fake charities out there.  It is hard to separate the legitimate ones from the fake ones at times, thus to be fair I donate to none of them.  In future posts on this blog and my Staples blog, I will discuss charity in much deeper detail, including some fake charities that I discovered along the way.  Guess what giant office supply store created them!  I will discuss more on this later!


Remembering Sherman Hemsley

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Way back in 1989, when I was in California, I had the opportunity to meet Sherman Hemsley who died yesterday.  It was at CBS Television City in Los Angeles during the filming of the syndicated game show of “3rd Degree“.  Sherman was one of the guests who shared a special interest with a common person they was paired with.  If I remember correctly, the common thing was that both were musicians who performed together.

I remember him being a very nice person and very entertaining.  It is appearances like this that are rare for performers when they can express talents not usually seen.  Unfortunately, this show only lasted a year, but it was very entertaining and I was lucky enough to see a handful of episodes filmed while vacationing in California back in 1989.

Sherman will be dearly missed along with host Bert Convy who died not long after this show wrapped up about a year later.

James Holmes – My Take on Him

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James Holmes

James Holmes (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

I am writing this in both of my blogs as I feel this is important enough for both of them.  It is a game-changer of society and thus is needed to be discussed in both places.

It is no surprise that James Holmes has now become the most infamous villain of society of late.  His actions in the movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado is nothing short of devastating, but I believe that this is a wake-up call to society.

The reason is quite simple:  He was fed-up.  Fed-up with a society where the haves got too much and the have-nots suffer.  Consider the fact that this college honor student could only get a job at McDonald’s and you realize where society has failed him.  In his position, who would not be angry?

The fact that the rich are spending millions of dollars wanting to put their candidate into the White House (or keeping the opponent out), when these same millions of dollars could be used to hire quite a few employees.  It’s bad that the rich can take tax deductions on their campaign spending, yet can’t write off anything to hire new people.  The rich would rather spend money foolishly rather than helping real people.  This is the problem with society today.

James Holmes is not crazy, mentally ill, or some sort of weird loner that the news media is portraying him as, but instead someone who wants to wake up society to the problems that keep him and hundreds of others from succeeding.  Sadly, the media has already executed his future, which means he will never get a fair trial and nobody could ever serve on a jury as too much information has been distributed about him and his victims.  It would have been better if he hadn’t booby-trapped his apartment and went to court today with orange hair.  Certainly, both of these have killed any credibility he may have had.  His best defense now would be to say “I was just fed-up with the rich bastards once and for all”.

Now, because of him, we have introduced more paranoia in the world as theatres, once considered a safe place, no longer as such.  However, I think this paranoia is unjustified and should be considered an isolated incident.  Sadly, many don’t believe that 9/11 was this way even though realistically it really was.  The copycats happened just because they wanted to test the U.S. and our ability to find out the perpetrators.  We are paranoid society whose isolation is hurt by the technology that surrounds us and the isolation we wrap ourselves in.

Just an example is this was a woman who was talking on her cell phone the other day.  I was walking behind her going into a store not more than 3 feet behind and twice she NEVER held the door open for me and let the door slam in my face.  I continued to follow this woman around the store and notice how she never paid attention to the people she ran into or the counters she ran into as she was on her phone and acted like she was drunken by the person on the other end.  Sadly, it is this type of social isolation that we have created by having people believe in false security.

As soon as we can separate technology from reality, then people can get real and see things the way they should be seen.  We shouldn’t rely on fake profiles on twitter, Facebook, or even going back to the hardly used Myspace.  Stop believing the fakeness and only believe the real person.  Everybody will be better off for it.

As I will be discussing in a future posting in my Staples blog, sometimes a profile can cause problems even when no problem exists.  It is when a company like Staples decides to make more out of something that it is when things go so wrong as I will explain in full details.

WMTW restored to Time Warner Cable

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Finally after over a week being off the air, WMTW is back and it is reported that it will be back for a while as a long term agreement has been reached between the parites.  Let’s hope we don’t have to deal with it for awhile.

Bad Time Warner Bad….

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It has now been a week since Time Warner Cable pulled the plug on the local ABC affiliate of WMTW-TV in Portland Maine.  As part of the Hearst TV company, all of the stations owned by them were pulled.  Locally, this affected all the national programming along with shows like “Ellen”, “Dr. Phil“, “Wheel of Fortune” and “Jeopardy” among others.  Sad to say, corporate greed has eroded these two companies much like Viacom and DIRECTV have been polarized now as well.  In these struggles, the viewers are the real losers and it shows.  WMTW has been replaced with the Hallmark Movie Channel.  Not a great choice at all compared to what was already on the air.

However, Time Warner‘s problems go beyond just missing channels.  It goes to the point of its horrible Navigator system.  The last update to their system happened 2 weeks ago and has been nothing but trouble.  Its current version 5.2.0_7 is a complete makeover from its previous version, but problems still remain.

First off, the colors are absolutely horrid.  I know they are supposed to be like the Google TV colors, but this is downright terrible.  Blue and white lettering on a black background creates a lot of eyestrain and the size of print don’t help.

Other problems exist as well:

  • Guide locks up when scrolling requiring cable box reboot.
  •  Old episodes on DVR are recorded when only new episodes are requested.  (I reported this error to the programmers directly to them back last November and this error still remains.
  • Wrong title showing up when deleting titles.  For example, when in the guide, if the title is “Program X” and you want to delete the scheduled recording, it shows up as wanting to delete “Program Y”.  (I reported this error as well back last year as well).

Other problems exist as well but these are the major ones.  Hopefully, someday these will be fixed and hopefully soon WMTW will return to the channel line up.  I will keep you posted.

Friend No More or Not

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If you read my last post here or my previous post on my other blog (see ), you might have realized that I blocked one friend because of their bullying. You may have also realized that Norman unfriended me as well.  While there is no correlation between the two, there is one important similarity. What is that similarity?  Simply put, both have the effect of being a bully.  While the friend I blocked continuously harassed me over everything I wrote, Norman feels comfortable by carrying a gun to look like a bully.  Sadly, both of these people are losers.  Both try to look tough and thus want to be stronger than they really are.  One does it with words to hurt and the other uses a physical weapon to prove their toughness.  Neither of them have the guts to drop their bullying ways, thus they feel that they must use their weapon of choice to make themselves feel tough. I feel that anybody who drops anybody else as a friend in Facebook wants nothing to do with that person in real life either.  It is hard to believe why anybody would want to drop me as a friend without any real warning, but a future post in my other blog will say otherwise.  But then again, I have had many so-called “friends” on Facebook ignore me totally since  wanting to be friends on the site, many of them were former employees I worked with. This brings me to this point:  why friend somebody just because you just want to without doing any interaction with them?  Of course, I could start naming names, but many of them already know who they are already.  While I enjoy reading many of their general comments and sometimes make responses, I find it odd that it seems that I am completely ignored.  Do they know I am there?  Do they care that I am there?  Have they blocked me so they don’t see what I write anyway? Of course, it is this type of paranoia that leads people like my blocked friend and Norman to be so polarized that they become defensive in society.  While people like idiot Norman crave the spotlight of toughness, my blocked friend was offended when I tossed his own cruel comments back at them.  Sad to say, neither of these two people deserve me as friends for obvious reasons, thus for now I am glad that both are gone for now…maybe for good… Society don’t need people like this in their life.  I will be discussing bullying more in the future in both of my blogs.  It is a topic that I know quite a bit about as a victim.  Yes, I said victim as much as I hate to say it.