If you read my last post here or my previous post on my other blog (see http://www.louisbrowntruths.blogspot.com/2012/06/open-letter-to-norman-hamann.html ), you might have realized that I blocked one friend because of their bullying. You may have also realized that Norman unfriended me as well.  While there is no correlation between the two, there is one important similarity. What is that similarity?  Simply put, both have the effect of being a bully.  While the friend I blocked continuously harassed me over everything I wrote, Norman feels comfortable by carrying a gun to look like a bully.  Sadly, both of these people are losers.  Both try to look tough and thus want to be stronger than they really are.  One does it with words to hurt and the other uses a physical weapon to prove their toughness.  Neither of them have the guts to drop their bullying ways, thus they feel that they must use their weapon of choice to make themselves feel tough. I feel that anybody who drops anybody else as a friend in Facebook wants nothing to do with that person in real life either.  It is hard to believe why anybody would want to drop me as a friend without any real warning, but a future post in my other blog will say otherwise.  But then again, I have had many so-called “friends” on Facebook ignore me totally since  wanting to be friends on the site, many of them were former employees I worked with. This brings me to this point:  why friend somebody just because you just want to without doing any interaction with them?  Of course, I could start naming names, but many of them already know who they are already.  While I enjoy reading many of their general comments and sometimes make responses, I find it odd that it seems that I am completely ignored.  Do they know I am there?  Do they care that I am there?  Have they blocked me so they don’t see what I write anyway? Of course, it is this type of paranoia that leads people like my blocked friend and Norman to be so polarized that they become defensive in society.  While people like idiot Norman crave the spotlight of toughness, my blocked friend was offended when I tossed his own cruel comments back at them.  Sad to say, neither of these two people deserve me as friends for obvious reasons, thus for now I am glad that both are gone for now…maybe for good… Society don’t need people like this in their life.  I will be discussing bullying more in the future in both of my blogs.  It is a topic that I know quite a bit about as a victim.  Yes, I said victim as much as I hate to say it.