It has now been a week since Time Warner Cable pulled the plug on the local ABC affiliate of WMTW-TV in Portland Maine.  As part of the Hearst TV company, all of the stations owned by them were pulled.  Locally, this affected all the national programming along with shows like “Ellen”, “Dr. Phil“, “Wheel of Fortune” and “Jeopardy” among others.  Sad to say, corporate greed has eroded these two companies much like Viacom and DIRECTV have been polarized now as well.  In these struggles, the viewers are the real losers and it shows.  WMTW has been replaced with the Hallmark Movie Channel.  Not a great choice at all compared to what was already on the air.

However, Time Warner‘s problems go beyond just missing channels.  It goes to the point of its horrible Navigator system.  The last update to their system happened 2 weeks ago and has been nothing but trouble.  Its current version 5.2.0_7 is a complete makeover from its previous version, but problems still remain.

First off, the colors are absolutely horrid.  I know they are supposed to be like the Google TV colors, but this is downright terrible.  Blue and white lettering on a black background creates a lot of eyestrain and the size of print don’t help.

Other problems exist as well:

  • Guide locks up when scrolling requiring cable box reboot.
  •  Old episodes on DVR are recorded when only new episodes are requested.  (I reported this error to the programmers directly to them back last November and this error still remains.
  • Wrong title showing up when deleting titles.  For example, when in the guide, if the title is “Program X” and you want to delete the scheduled recording, it shows up as wanting to delete “Program Y”.  (I reported this error as well back last year as well).

Other problems exist as well but these are the major ones.  Hopefully, someday these will be fixed and hopefully soon WMTW will return to the channel line up.  I will keep you posted.