Many of you may have heard that Microsoft is finally retiring its Hotmail email system.  Over the years, this has been my most consistent email program that I have used.  However, I was intrigued by what the new had to offer.  First thing I decided to do was to secure my name as the Outlook email address.  All was well setting that up, but it all went downhill from there.

Here are some of the problems that I have already encountered:

  • You can’t be signed in two different browser windows with two different accounts at the same time even though one was signed into the old Hotmail account.
  • The loading of messages is slow compared to Hotmail, but then again this is a BETA product.
  • It looks a lot like Gmail.  I am not a fan of the bland look of Gmail so the similarity is not embraced by me.

While not a fan of this new service yet, I would recommend signing up now to secure your desired email address before it is gone.  However, you can use your Hotmail account and just upgrade that if you are happy with it.  I will continue to evaluate this service and keep you informed as I continue experimenting with it.

Rating (based on Beta Product as-is): 4 out of 10