Here we go again!  Nickelodeon has once again allowed another “Fred” movie to be created and as expected its even worse than the previous ones.  Thankfully this movie is shorter than the previous movies.  This one is 1 1/2 hours long, without commercials approximately 75 minutes long.  That is 75 minutes too long to this train wreck sequel.

Most of the players from the second movie were roped into this sequel, even if they were on screen for a very short time.  Both Daniella Monet (Fred’s friend Bertha) and WWE wrestler John Cena (Fred’s dad) had less than 5 minutes of screen time each when in the previous film they both had significant parts.  As John Cena said as he re-entered the abandoned refrigerator, “You can’t see me!”, as he wiped his hand in front of his face.  Mr. Cena, I think we all wished we hadn’t seen any of this mess.

The premise behind this movie was sending Fred off to camp.  However, it wasn’t the camp he was expecting.  Instead of going to Camp Superior, he was sent to the rundown Camp Iwannapeepee, headed by councilor played by brainless actor Tom Arnold.  Sad to say, the camp name is the only thing funny about this film.  The rest of the film leads up to competition between Fred’s camp and Camp Superior.  How many times has this been a theme to movies?  Unfortunately, this premise which has been used in many movies including many R-rated movies with significant nudity, that this movie is just downright boring.

It almost started interesting with a large musical number of “Last Day of School”, which could have been a song from a “High School Musical” style movie.  However, this musical number wore thin fast and this movie quickly ran thin even faster.  I won’t spoil the ending of this movie as if you didn’t see this coming with every other movie of its kind ending exactly the same way.


Unless, you have absolutely NOTHING ELSE to watch, I would avoid this movie at all costs.  I expect to see this movie arriving on DVD before the end of the year and would be a great holiday movie to the person that you really want to hate you for the rest of your life.  As if that didn’t already happen with the last movie!

Rating:  1 out of 10