Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to get a free subscription to Newsweek magazine.  Never one to pass up a free deal, I decided to go for it.  I have been a subscriber to Time Magazine for over 30 years so I thought it would be interesting to get another view of the world’s news.

Unfortunately, Newsweek has been nothing short of disappointing.  Not only has many of the issues that I have received been double issues (published every other week), but the magazine hasn’t been much on the newsworthy side either.

Take for example the issue from two weeks ago.  The cover story was all about Mitt Romney being a “wimp”.  However, reading the article called him a “weenie”.  Whether you hate him or not, this type of bullying is just not really acceptable.  I say “not really” because I am actually 100% in agreement with the statement, but I really don’t think that it was proper for a “news magazine” to use this term.

This article was preceded by a story about drunk girls in London which was led by a picture of three young women’s backsides stumbling around a London street.  Again, not really appropriate in a news magazine.

Following the Romney story, was a multiple page essay on President Assad’s wife and interview with her.  The article was about 4 pages too long and very boring and certainly lacked any newsworthiness.  Sandwiched between these two stories was a story about some recent mass killing murders along with some very weird pictures of them.

Basically, each of them were called psychopaths and left no other real explanations. Again, name calling is used to make these people possibly worse than they truly are.

The current issue of Newsweek is no better than the previous issue by having its cover story be about the 101 best places to eat around the world.  Seriously, as if any REAL person will ever experience even 10% of these places.  What a waste of paper to list these along with phone numbers to contact the various eateries.  Do they not have any real news to report?

To add insult to injury, the magazine also gives top 10 lists of colleges in various categories like best schools and best party schools.  Shouldn’t this information have been made available around January before kids were getting ready to head off to college instead of just days before they head off to school.  A little to late for those wanting any real info about the school they would be entering this year.   This issue also contained a multiple page story of  employment issues, however it said nothing that hasn’t already been said many times before.

It is no wonder why the publishers of Newsweek are thinking of discontinuing publishing the magazine and make it a web-only magazine like U.S. News and World Report.  This magazine when compared to Time lacks relevance and certainly confuses real news with bullying opinions.  Until they can separate these apart, the magazine will continue to lose market share and be worth only the free subscription that I receive and not worth a penny more!