It has been reported that Tonight Show host Jay Leno took a pay cut to roughly $20 million a year from his $25 million per year.  Unfortunately, about 10% of the staff was still let go which resulted in about 20 people still losing their job.

I wonder why Jay Leno didn’t take a bigger pay cut, say to $10 million per year, and save ALL of the staff.  It is unfortunate that somebody like him still needs to be part of the 1% crowd while so many other people are struggling from day-to-day.  Apparently, Jay only cares about flapping his over-sized jaw and says to hell with his staff.

I have been to NBC Studios in Burbank, California several times over the years and seen many shows taped and believe me that everybody is always busy and certainly the number of people who actually do REAL WORK are far greater than people like Leno just standing around cracking jokes.

This seems to be a case of pay rates going to extremes as reported in the current issue of TV Guide Magazine that lists the pay rates of many top television personalities.  It’s sad to say that even shows that have not even made the air yet are paying high amounts in anticipation of a show’s future success.  I don’t believe anybody should be paid based upon potential, but be paid for what they are really taking in value to the network show they work on.

Television networks must become more frugal with money or else someday we will have no television because everybody will have priced themselves out of existence.  Just more proof of the 1% running rampant again.