Last week , Time Warner Cable (Portland, Maine area) sneaked in a “new” feature called AutoHD.  However, this feature should be turned OFF at all costs.

What this feature is supposed to do is allow the lazy viewer to change channels to the standard definition and have it automatically tune to the high definition channel instead.  The idea is nice except for the following things:

  • It doesn’t work with all SD channels.  As a new feature this is expected.  It works only on local channels and a very small handful of the basic cable channels.
  • It records to the HD channel whether you want it to or not.  HD eats DVR space thus should only be used for shows that you want  to save otherwise record in SD.  I found this out the hard way when my DVR ran out of space just recording a couple of shows that I thought were being recorded on the SD channels.

Until the bugs with this feature is fixed, I recommend staying away from this “feature”, it just is not worth the trouble.

Rumor abound that another update to the Navigator software is coming very soon.  Hopefully it will fix the problem of freeing up DVR space after deleting a show since this bug has once again reared its ugly head.  There is also a rumor that TWC plans on getting a new programming crew so maybe many more of these bugs will be squashed as previously mentioned.  We can only hope that TWC fixes the messes with the current software and SOON!