If you were going to remodel your house, I highly doubt that you would bulldoze down every other house on the street to do so.  However, this is exactly what Nick is doing with its Saturday night line-up.

Of course it should be common knowledge now that iCarly will see its last episode this November.  What has not been know is that Nick’s ratings have been down over 16% this year alone forcing the channel to do some other “remodeling” as well.  Two of Nicks other popular shows are being cancelled.  One I believe is not unexpected, the other was a little more of a surprise.

First on the chopping block is “How to Rock”.  Seriously I am not surprised about this one.  Three reasons lead me to this conclusion:

  1. It was downright boring.  These characters were so stereotyped that I could scream.  The dumb blonde, the rebel girl who hates the new girl, the stupid boys and the always cheerful girl.  The story lines were just as boring as the characters themselves.
  2. Non-white character led shows fail to make the grade on Nick.  Sadly, the proof of that lies in the way that “True Jackson VP” was treated during its Nick run.  The show had an ungracious cancellation that wasn’t even mentioned as a cancellation and during many of the weeks it’s aired, it was rarely promoted as airing a new episode.  The same could also be said about “Supah Ninjas”, whose future also seems to be up in the air even though rumors of a second season were mentioned several months ago, but nothing concrete has been heard from the show since.
  3. The show is too similar to Disney Channel’s “A.N.T. Farm”.  The type of characters are too much of the same types, but the Disney show is much more entertaining.

The other show seeing the axe is “Victorious”.  I have a few different reasons why this show is being canned:

  1. The star, Victoria Justice, is just way too busy with too many other projects.
  2. The show’s comedy wasn’t relatable to children.  With references to such thing as Elvis, the tv show  “Dating Game”, and the tv show “Match Game“.  References to 1970’s pop culture may interest adults, but is way over the heads of the kids in the audience.
  3. The show became too adult with its situations.  As with #2, much of the humor could only be related to the adult audience.  This was also a problem with “True Jackson” as it got caught up in fashion lingo through many of its episodes, therefore making it much less easy to follow and less enjoyable.
  4. The characters were always angry at each other.  Is anger funny?  I think not given the current situation in the world.  It’s odd that after 3 seasons that this show has generated so much yelling and anger between characters.  If I want yelling and anger, I will watch one of the cable news shows.

Rumors have also been circulating that Nick wants to also cancel the show “Big Time Rush” as well, thus making a clean sweep of its entire primetime lineup.  Certainly if this happened, I believe that fans would be leaving Nickelodeon in droves and possibly never returning again.

So what does Nick plan to put in its place?  Apparently, to start, a new version reboot of the worn out “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles“.  Sad to say, if this is there best offering then Nick is REALLY in trouble and certainly will lose a lot of viewers.  Hopefully, Nick doesn’t load their schedule with tons of “SpongeBob” and lame shows like the WALL-E wannabe show “Robot and Monster”.  Nick can’t live off animated series alone as they tried this a long time ago and it didn’t work.  You can’t resurrect the past and you can’t rebuild what has been destroyed.  We should all take this as a warning that Nick is in trouble.