Last week brought discourse in this country and across the world.

Sadly, the world is rioting over presumably a film trailer on YouTube that portrays Mohammed in a bad way.  To make matters worse, the White House has requested that Google remove the offending video from their site and have refused to do so.  Since when is it ok for a  company to refuse what the White House requested.  Certainly Google thinks its large enough to do whatever it wants and won’t have the government tell them otherwise.  However, Google should comply just for the sake of the lives lost and to prevent more lost.  Apparently, Google thinks their own way and thus don’t care about society or what anybody else thinks.  This is one of those incidents where a company is way too big for its britches.

On the other hand, in Chicago, other rich fat cats namely the teachers’ union are demanding even more pay and wants to eliminate merit evaluations.  The problem with this is that all these teachers want their big money with NO accountability.  Since when is it ok to work at a job and suck at it and take home over $70,000 a year.  To add insult to injury is that many of these same people are probably building up a huge pension which will probably bankrupt the city.  Other towns have already claimed bankruptcy, why not Chicago?  The lack of accountability just proves just how bad unions have taken advantage of cities.  I say fire these teachers and hire those that have been unemployed for a long time in the state.  Certainly, they may work for a lot less and may not even be unionized.

It should be obvious that both local and national government is now out of hand.  Cities can’t control the citizens of their areas and U.S. embassies are being attacked without any help from the countries in which they are located.  Is there a solution to any of this?  Honestly, yes.  It is the squashing of unions and big businesses.  Ironically, these are also the two major groups behind most political Super PAC groups.  Coincidence, I really doubt it.  Maybe all this is to undermine the Democratic Presidency and Democrats in general.  We will know in a few short weeks if all this was successful.