Once Again Off Not by Choice

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Unfortunately it happened yet again.  I took an unexpected week off.  This time I put the blame on a couple different things that happened.  The big thing that happened was that my internet connection was interrupted because after receiving a postcard from Time Warner Cable stating that I would have to pay a $3.95 rental charge for my modem effective on the first of November, I decided to go out and purchase my own modem to avoid such charges.  This was the smartest move I ever made since the modem I purchased is actually faster than the modem that it replaced.  I highly recommend that anybody who has TWC Internet service get their own modem and chances are that the speed will improve for you as well.

The second problem was that the service that I received from TWC has suffered severely in the last week or so as the signal to my neighborhood has been going on and off.  Sadly, the only thing that the automated phone line says “we are working on the problem no need to let us know of the problem”.  How long does it take to fix a service problem anyway?  It has been nearly 3 weeks with this same message.

Finally, third and most importantly, Microsoft released a couple of updates for Windows 7 that created havoc on my primary computer, which made the machine want to boot endlessly and wanted to update itself with the same updates over and over again.  Apparently, Microsoft knew this was an issue and released a fix for it, but a new bug update has appeared with the release of Windows 8 to make older operating systems able to communicate with machines with the new Windows.

Overall, it seems that TWC and Microsoft hate me by adding new fees and updates that don’t work.  Hopefully, I will be back with a new post either tomorrow or next week, depending on what other weird things happen next.  Let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best.


The Politics of Facebook and Friends

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In the last week, both the Maine Sunday Telegram and Time Magazine featured similar stories on Facebook.  Both discussed the unfriending of people with whom people seem to disagree with.  Lately it seems that Facebook has opened itself up to much anger including myself.

So here is my story of anger, which by the way has nothing to do with politics but the politics of Facebook:

The story begins about 3 years ago.  This is when I ran into a former classmate in the local Borders store.  The person asked me why I didn’t attend the last reunion that what was held just a couple of weeks earlier.  I told that person that I had been in the hospital for nearly a week with a job-related illness.  This was after the fact that the person had ripped into me for not attending.  The person stormed off without an apology.  It was at this point that any class reunion would never happen in my lifetime for me.

In the last week, a different friend had me join a Facebook group regarding my high school reunion activities.  This was not my choice, but forced recruiting by this friend.  Quite frankly, this person was never a close friend in high school, just someone I had a passing acquaintance with.

What is worse about this group and my fellow classmates from way back when was that they were never really my friends then and certainly don’t want to be my friend now.  I guess realistically the times never change and people remain asses forever.

My Facebook inbox has been flooded with information regarding a reunion for next summer.  However, realistically I have no intention of going to this one or any other reunion ever.

The reason is that these people were never really my friends and some of them have been rather rude to me lately.  An example of this was when I discussed the current status of a former teacher and my feelings for that person.  After making the post, somebody deleted the post without any care at all.  Another example was when I let the group know about the death of a close friend of mine and all I received was a “thank you” without even the slightest addressing me by name.

It’s apparent that I get ZERO respect from any of these former classmates.  So why in the world would I want to be insulted by showing up at a reunion just to be hated as much as I was back in high school.

I believe the only reason I was added to this group was for completeness only and absolutely no desire whether I ever show up at reunion or not.




Fun Size Rating Maybe Not So Fun Size

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Well, as predicted the Victoria Justice movie that opens in about 10 days has received the more fierce PG-13 rating.

Apparently, as the rating states of partying, suggestive language and such, that this is REALLY not a kid’s movie and thus parents should be aware of that.  I sometimes question why the MPAA rates movies the way they do as sometimes the ratings seem far off from where they really should be.

However, this time I believe that in part potty-mouth Chelsea Handler could be to blame for this.  Maybe if someone else was in the role of the mother maybe it might have gotten the more kid-friendly PG rating instead.

Certainly this rating will reduce the audience significantly as parents keep the kids away from this movie.  Only time with tell how little this movie takes in at the box office/

First Sprint Now Verizon–Another Identity Theft

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I don’t own a cellphone. However, given all the problems I have had with cellphone companies, I never plan to either.

I mentioned a few months ago that Sprint was sending me bills through my Gmail account for somebody else’s cellphone account. After several months, I finally got this straightened out and am no longer getting billed from them.

Now, this week, through this same Gmail account, I started receiving notices of cellphone charges from Verizon. After going through nearly a week of emailing back and forth with them, they finally said that they will be “taking care of the situation”. Of course, I will believe that when I stop getting emails from them.

It seems that somebody has been using my Gmail account as their point of reference to send their e-bills to just so they think they wouldn’t be responsible for the bill. What’s worse is that in both of these cases, identity theft is prominent. Yet, the biggest problem is that there is NO WAY to contact Google to let them know that this is happening. I eventually did send an email to Google about my email problem and got back the canned response that sometimes accounts that have periods in them confuse accounts and thus route email incorrectly. This wasn’t even what I was asking! Of course that was over 6 months ago and I never heard from them again over this form of identity theft.

As I mentioned in a previous post awhile ago, Staples also used my email account (a different account,though) linking it to a credit card purchase that my mother made in one of their stores last year during the holiday season. Unfortunately, after contacting the Better Business Bureau (a waste of time, by the way), Staples WOULD DO NOTHING even though they were guilty of identity theft. Of course, Staples is king of the lying and identity theft. Thankfully, other companies are a little bit better than they are when identity theft is called into question. Sadly Staples will never learn.

When Nick Stars and Late Night Clash

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Last week, two of Nickelodeon’s cast members clashed with late night programming.  One had a less than desirable result, the other was barely palatable.  Let’s start with the better of the two first.


Last Saturday night, Nick ran the premiere episode of the fifth and final shortened season of iCarly.  The episode titled “iShook America” was full of flaws, not just the desired one.  First thing to point out was that this show focused on the gang going to appear on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon“.  If your child doesn’t know who he is, then I would recommend not bothering watching this episode as it won’t be understood very well by the intended audience.  Since the show runs after midnight, it is unexpected that the core audience of iCarly would even know who he is.

This was only the beginning of the problems with this episode.  Among other flaws include:

  • Late night shows are NEVER aired live so Gibby’s wardrobe malfunction would have been edited out.  The dancing sequence wasn’t even funny anyway.  A funnier one would have been the gang do the beer pong segment.  Nothing would have been funnier than seeing a drunken Gibby stumble throughout New York City.
  • Seattle, hometown of the iCarly gang, would have been dark because the show is on late at night and even being on the west coast it would still be dark outside.
  • The solicitation of money was used in an earlier episode from 4 years ago (“iOwe You“) and the solicitation was illegal then.  How did it all of a sudden get to be legal?  Sounds like a lack of knowing your previous story lines and the lack of writers checking their facts from the older episodes.

Sadly, this episode was so full of holes and inconsistencies that the show really wasn’t all that enjoyable or funny.  It appears that as the show heads to its quick exit, it wants guest stars on it as opposed to getting the facts right.

I am giving this show 3 ratings:

Rating for children: 4.  Might be enjoyable, but many jokes will fall silent on those under 16.

Rating for adults/general public:  7.  Adults may get the jokes, but will find inconsistencies in the show.

Raring for Jimmy Fallon fans: 9.  Fans will get the jokes and in-studio humor, but be irritated by the inconsistencies.


Victoria Justice on Chelsea Lately

What happens when the sweetest girl meets up with Ms. Late Night Potty-mouth?  A cringe-worthy performance that would make any Victoria fan even look away.

One would think that this show would lighten up the sexual humor for one episode.  Not so.  The opening act included the cast reading from Cosmopolitan magazine about female breasts.  Not only was this not funny, but it was sort of disgusting as well.

Let me say that I don’t watch Chelsea Lately with any consistency and it is quite obvious why.  Just one episode can be enough cringe-worthy material to keep anybody from watching more than occasionally.

Needless to say that the interview with Victoria Justice went no better.  It started with a giggly segment discussing parts of the female breast and went pretty much downhill from there.  If you have ever seen one Victoria interview, you have all ready seen everything that this one had to offer.  To make matters worse for poor Victoria was that she was wearing a nearly see-through top that made me wonder if something X-rated was going to happen after the show ended.  After all, Victoria is 19 and certainly free to do what she wants now in life.

Sadly these two appear in the forthcoming movie “Fun Size” as mother and daughter.  This movie, which comes out at the end of the month, does not yet have a rating as of this writing.  I predict that the rating will be PG-13 as opposed to the more family friendly PG.  The reason I am believing this is that Potty-Mouth Chelsea is in the movie and some movies get ratings based upon who is in it as opposed to its content.  If you don’t believe that, just check some actors and see their consistency with certain ratings.  It could be that the MPAA is lazy or just overwhelmed by the number of movies it has to rate.

This half hour show could not end soon enough as my appreciation of Victoria dropped a notch at least temporarily after this appearance.  I can still feel my eyes and ears bleeding after this show even after a week.  It took me that long to get over this horrible episode.

My Rating:  1. (2 if you are a daredevil).  The “eww-factor” is way too great to sit through this horrible episode no matter what.


Bottom Line

Neither show is worth watching and just proves you cannot mix a kid’s network with late night programming.  It just doesn’t work at all.    Now excuse me as I continue to flush out my eyes and ears of everything Chelsea.



Lewiston Mayor Gets It RIght

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It would almost seem that Lewiston Maine mayor Robert Macdonald is cut from the same cloth as the state’s governor.  His recent remarks regarding Somalian people might be harsh, but I believe that they are truly justified.  It’s bad to think that somebody though would actually say it publicly.  I believe that a lot of people probably feel the same way.

Let’s face the reality.  We didn’t invite these people into our country nor did we force them to come here.  This state along with other states got screwed into taking these people whether they like it or not.  The mayor is probably angry at the fact that these people are taking many city resources without giving anything back to the community.  It costs money to educate their children and to make matters worse to teach these people English as a second language.  Many probably don’t care to learn the language and wish to rely on translators instead.  Again, this is an abuse to the system.

I remember going to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) a couple of years ago to try to get on the MaineCare system.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get on because I had no kids and they were no longer accepting any new people to the program.  Unless of course you consider that the majority of the people there in the lobby were foreigners who didn’t speak English and wish to get on some sort of state aid.  Why should they get onto a program when they have never worked in this country when somebody like me who needed it couldn’t get it?  Certainly our system is messed up and the Lewiston mayor is probably fed up with them.  I feel that what he said was certainly not out-of-place nor do I feel it was wrong.  If these people are offended, I say too bad.

Consider also that if we went to visit their country, women would be required to where their garbs and dress accordingly.  Why they can’t comply to our customs is beyond me?  After all, it is a two-way street.  Unfortunately, these people are all take and no give.

Feel angry is you ever felt like you lost a job to one of them — guaranteed it will happen if it hasn’t happened already.  The U.S. needs to get serious on immigration reform and stop the flow of people into this country.  This is causing more problems than any other problem in our economy.  Why is nobody addressing this problem?  Are they afraid of offending anybody..certainly the Lewiston mayor wasn’t at all?  Kudos to him…this country needs more people like that in politics.