In the last week, both the Maine Sunday Telegram and Time Magazine featured similar stories on Facebook.  Both discussed the unfriending of people with whom people seem to disagree with.  Lately it seems that Facebook has opened itself up to much anger including myself.

So here is my story of anger, which by the way has nothing to do with politics but the politics of Facebook:

The story begins about 3 years ago.  This is when I ran into a former classmate in the local Borders store.  The person asked me why I didn’t attend the last reunion that what was held just a couple of weeks earlier.  I told that person that I had been in the hospital for nearly a week with a job-related illness.  This was after the fact that the person had ripped into me for not attending.  The person stormed off without an apology.  It was at this point that any class reunion would never happen in my lifetime for me.

In the last week, a different friend had me join a Facebook group regarding my high school reunion activities.  This was not my choice, but forced recruiting by this friend.  Quite frankly, this person was never a close friend in high school, just someone I had a passing acquaintance with.

What is worse about this group and my fellow classmates from way back when was that they were never really my friends then and certainly don’t want to be my friend now.  I guess realistically the times never change and people remain asses forever.

My Facebook inbox has been flooded with information regarding a reunion for next summer.  However, realistically I have no intention of going to this one or any other reunion ever.

The reason is that these people were never really my friends and some of them have been rather rude to me lately.  An example of this was when I discussed the current status of a former teacher and my feelings for that person.  After making the post, somebody deleted the post without any care at all.  Another example was when I let the group know about the death of a close friend of mine and all I received was a “thank you” without even the slightest addressing me by name.

It’s apparent that I get ZERO respect from any of these former classmates.  So why in the world would I want to be insulted by showing up at a reunion just to be hated as much as I was back in high school.

I believe the only reason I was added to this group was for completeness only and absolutely no desire whether I ever show up at reunion or not.