Unfortunately it happened yet again.  I took an unexpected week off.  This time I put the blame on a couple different things that happened.  The big thing that happened was that my internet connection was interrupted because after receiving a postcard from Time Warner Cable stating that I would have to pay a $3.95 rental charge for my modem effective on the first of November, I decided to go out and purchase my own modem to avoid such charges.  This was the smartest move I ever made since the modem I purchased is actually faster than the modem that it replaced.  I highly recommend that anybody who has TWC Internet service get their own modem and chances are that the speed will improve for you as well.

The second problem was that the service that I received from TWC has suffered severely in the last week or so as the signal to my neighborhood has been going on and off.  Sadly, the only thing that the automated phone line says “we are working on the problem no need to let us know of the problem”.  How long does it take to fix a service problem anyway?  It has been nearly 3 weeks with this same message.

Finally, third and most importantly, Microsoft released a couple of updates for Windows 7 that created havoc on my primary computer, which made the machine want to boot endlessly and wanted to update itself with the same updates over and over again.  Apparently, Microsoft knew this was an issue and released a fix for it, but a new bug update has appeared with the release of Windows 8 to make older operating systems able to communicate with machines with the new Windows.

Overall, it seems that TWC and Microsoft hate me by adding new fees and updates that don’t work.  Hopefully, I will be back with a new post either tomorrow or next week, depending on what other weird things happen next.  Let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best.