Please Note:  The following blog post may offend some people.  Reader discretion is advised.

I am dividing up my response into 3 different sections as to why I am voting NO on Question 1 (same sex marriage question).

The Ads

All of the ads that have been presented by the YES side have pretty been much the same.  You hear of stories of some family member who is gay and want to get married to the person they “love”.  What are missing from the ads are those gay people themselves.  Do these people even exist in the first place?  Do these people even have gay relatives in the first place?  Without these people even in existence, it seems that the gays are afraid to appear on camera.

The YES side has more effective ads that have real people who have had real life experiences.  The ads are more believable, thus should be considered more valid in proving their point.

Influence to Children

One of the biggest influences for teens and children is the TeenNick show of “Degrassi”.  Over the years, this show has covered virtually every issue under the sun and most recently has been running a storyline involving 2 girls having a relationship.  One girl’s parents hated the idea of the relationship that under their religion, they wanted to deprogram her of her gay ways.  Ironically, the girl finally accepted the deprogramming and was sent away from the show until further notice.  Unfortunately, this show makes no apologies for its storylines and seems to reject gays as just wrong and unacceptable in society.

Personal Experience

First off let me say that I am not gay nor have I ever been or ever will be.  However, over the years I have received pamphlets from people thinking I was gay and wanted to do an intervention.  Some encouraging me to become gay as well has also given me pamphlets.  Apparently, I must have some look that makes people think I am gay.

The second example is that several years ago I worked with a woman who once tried to “recruit” a teenage girl into becoming a lesbian.  I couldn’t believe that I was hearing what I was.  Thankfully I was out of sight overhearing this conversation as I found it very disturbing.  Several years later, I saw this girl again and the once petite pretty girl had become overweight less attractive woman.  Somehow I thought that she had eventually become brainwashed into being gay.

Conclusion-My Opinion

While I know several gay people and have some respect for them, I still believe that gays and the gay lifestyle is something that someone becomes.  They are not born that way.  If Question 1 goes through, schools will be allowed to teach the gay lifestyle and quite possibly influence straight people to become gay.  Anybody who has sense of reality would definitely vote NO on Question 1 on Tuesday and realize that we must push back the gay lifestyle not spread it and become the first state to have gay marriage by popular vote.