Well, the elections are over and it was a 50/50 split for me.

Obama got back in which was a good thing.

Unfortunately, Maine decided to approve the gay marriage law.  It’s sad to say that now we will have to work to repeal this law and make the state livable again.  It is so bad that the people of the state were fooled into approving this bad law.

However, one thing that really bothered me when I went to vote yesterday was the sheer number of people who were registering to vote for the first time.  This line never had less than 15 people in it at any time I was there at the voting location.  What really bothersome was how were these new voters being processed?  I did not see anyone around to input data into a computer much less anyone with a computer.  How were these people prevented from multiple votes at different locations?  Since these people looked like college age people (and many looked gay), I really think that people who should not be voting in the first place persuaded the voting.  Can we say crooked voting?  I believe it is.  All we can do now is unite to repeal the awful law and become the state where “Life Should Be” and not “Gay Life Is”.  I can see many people being very angry given how close this referendum was and much discrimination will still exist no matter what the law says. Let’s start the repeal process NOW and get this on the ballot as soon as possible!