Last week, Time Warner Cable gave its DVR owners an early Thanksgiving present.  They fixed the bug that kept on their machines from calculating the space on their DVRs properly.  I personally saw space on one machine go from 98% full to 44% full.  This was better than a 50% gain.  Another machine went from 99% to 72% full and a third went from 99% full to 98% full.  Oh well I guess all can’t go great all the time.  Now all they need to do is squash the rest of the bugs previously discussed.

On another issue, apparently there are now a couple of class action lawsuits being filed against TWC for the modem charge, which started last month.  I know I was not happy going out and spending money on getting my own modem, even though it seems faster than the TWC modem I previously had.  However, there are times when the signal drops and the IP address resets itself at the worst inconvenient times.  It sounds like TWC hates those that purchased their own modem.  As soon as I can, I will sign any petition to get on one of these lawsuits.

Until next time, enjoy the forthcoming holiday.