We have finally seen the end of iCarly.  The episode entitled “iGoodbye” was the last show of the series.  Personally, I felt that this episode was neither the best episode nor nowhere near the worst episode of the series.  However, for those wanting to flashback through the years were treated with some interesting scenes as well as some reminiscent lines from the years.  I would rate this episode a 7 and overall I would rate the series a 7 as well.  The series had many high points, but it also had some episodes that absolutely dragged.  Many of the episodes were uneven and the finale was no exception.  Sure, it was great to see Carly’s dad finally, but what about characters like Socko and Sam’s dad?  These characters were mentioned several times over the years but were never shown.

One thing that bothered me most about this series was the sexual overtone of the show.  In the final show, Ms. Briggs “pointy boobs” were discussed, which is hardly a good family topic.  Over the years, we saw the “Talking Bra” character and in one episode Spencer took the door sign off Freddie’s apartment and showed it to the gang and it looked like a certain male organ (Freddie lived in apartment “8=D”(as the sign says)).  Of course, boobs always played a part in the show.  In the episode “iMeet Fred”, Freddie points to a couple of girl’s shirts, one who is large chested, and he says “I see you girls like Fred”.  If you watch his eyes, he is got his fixated on the large chested girl.  Seconds later the 2 girls bring Freddie down and when he stands up he says “Thank you” as the girls strut prominently away.  All I can say is “Thank you” Dan Schneider for this sexy scene.  In the episode “iBalls”, Freddie and the viewing audience gets quite an eyeful of Sam’s (Jennette McCurdy) oversized boobs in a tight orange sweater.  Talk about a ratings booster.  It was quite obvious that because the episode was all about 3D that having Sam’s boobs be huge and quite out there was not a mistake in any way.  I keep reminding myself that this is supposed to be “family viewing”, not some slutty late night show on Cinemax.  It is all this type of conversation and appearances that make the show more adult oriented than kid-friendly.  I knocked the series down 1 point because of this.  Mind you that my rating of a 7 for the series is for the younger viewers and for adults I prefer to call it a ratings pass as the enjoyment for adults is limited by how much toleration parents and adults have toward the sexual content.  Personally, I would give the adult content an 8, which means that there is a fair amount of questionable content in the show.  Compared to other shows produced by Dan Schneider, this show had a very high level of sexual content.  Maybe that is why the show lasted longer than most of live action shows on Nickelodeon.

Now I wish to present my own iCarly Awards.  These are my opinions alone, however I will accept comments on the opinions of others. Here we go:

  • Best Episode:  iFight Shelby Marx” and “iParty with Victorious” (tie).  These 2 episodes had 1 thing in common:  Victoria Justice.  Ironically both of these episodes stood out as being my personal best episodes.  The ‘iParty” episode must have been so good that they had aired an extended 2 hour version of the episode, which was even better than the 1 ½ hour version.  The “iFight” episode was so good that it got its own DVD release.  Somebody must really have had the same ideas that I had about these shows.
  • Worst Episode:  “iHalloween” and “iChristmas” (tie).  Nothing is worse than having to put up with holiday episodes that are both sad and funny at the same time.  Thankfully, we only had to put up with them once a year.
  • Best Guest Star:  Emma Stone.  She played an obsessed fan in the episode of “iFind Spencer Friends” and was falling all over the place to get herself in pictures with the iCarly gang.  She even went into the men’s bathroom to get a picture with Gibby.  A hilarious scene-stealer and wonderful comedy bit.  If the movie career doesn’t work out for Emma she certainly has a future in TV comedy.  You gotta love that girl.
  • Worst Guest Star:  Jack Black.  In the episode of ‘iStart a Fan War”, Jack plays a nemesis to Spencer and battles him in a boring battle of odd words and strange fighting.  The only redeeming value of this episode was the appearance of characters from “Zoey 101” and “Drake and Josh” at a forum to discuss the iCarly web show, which turned into an out-and-out brawl over the discussion of who Freddie was in love with.  Of course right through the final episode it is still unknown if Freddie wanted Carly or Sam.  I guess that is one battle that will never end.
  • Best Extended Special Episode:  “iPsycho” and “iStill Psycho” (tie).  Nothing was better than crazy Nora trapping the iCarly gang, not once but in 2 episodes.  If only she made an appearance in the finale and trap them forever, then that would have been entertaining.
  • Worst Extended Special Episode:  ‘iGo to Japan”.  Not only was this episode not filmed in Japan, it should never have been filmed at all.  Not funny and too long at 1 ½ hour in length.  Disney’s “Shake It Up” did a recent Japan episode that was a ½ hour shorter and many times funnier.
  • Best Character Skit:  The cowboy and the Farm girl who thought the cowboy’s mustache was a squirrel.  Just the title alone brings giggles.
  • Worst Character Skit:  Baggles – a big bag of yogurt with a sinus problem.  Introduced in the “iBalls” episode previously mentioned, the only plus side was watching Sam squeeze this garbage bag while the camera pans down upon her cleavage.  Sick character and icky camera shot as well.

So as we pass iCarly into the history books, let’s keep in mind that this show was still fairly entertaining despite its sexual overtones.  Unfortunately, the show Victorious will be ending after this season as well, however it was a much different show, as I will explain after the series ends.  Until then let’s enjoy what we have left!