After nearly a six month lull, Time Warner Cable has finally upgraded their Navigator service ODN to version 6 on Tuesday night.

It all started around 2 am when the cable box started receiving an upgrade to the cablecard unit.  After this I thought all was done since nothing else happened after a single reboot.  That was until about 3:05 am when the cable box again started doing another update to the ODN system.  It seemed all should have been fine after the update and the box rebooted.  This was not the case however.

The box got stuck on the error of “E-13”.  So after a few minutes of not doing anything, I manually pulled the plug to restart the box.  Once again it stalled on the same error.  So again, I did it a 3rd time and this time, it stuck on “E-08”.  Once again, after doing nothing for a few minutes, I rebooted the box yet again and again it stuck on the same error.

This time I decided to leave it alone as I thought that it might fix itself and within a ½ hour it started doing the software update again.  After the download completed, the box rebooted and once again stalled with the same error number.

After a few minutes, the box once again started the download yet again and it took forever downloading about 1% every 2 minutes skipping a couple of percentages every 10 minutes or so.  When this download was completed, the box rebooted and again back to where it was.  At this point, I had enough of this entire process and decided to go to bed (it was about 4:30am at this point).  When I woke up the next morning, the time was on the display so that meant that the update was finally completed, hopefully successfully.

Anticipation ran high with me on what new features would be added especially since the idea of Interactive TV has been mentioned in recent ads.  However, it seems that feature may get implemented soon as many of the features that previously required using the A, B, or C buttons on the remote control have been replaced by scrolling lists to select the desired function.  Another new feature is the “Display Colors” in the settings function.  The options in this menu is to have the scroll bar be either the current blue bar or the “classic” yellow bar from the old Mystro system. What is missing from the classic bar is the old blue screen; however, the grid on the guide appears with a blue background, which is not very readable.

Overall, not many functional changes except that the guide seems to run a little better now and don’t seem to freeze like it previously did.  However, the pixelating of the picture on several channels still exists and still no HD guide when using an HDMI cable.  While certainly positive moves were made in this version, it still is a long way from looking as good as it did in its Mystro days, but for now we will have to accept this upgrade.  I am not giving a score to this update as different people will have different experiences with it, but my personal grade is a 7, which means it lacks some functionality and some features have become clumsy to use.