What happens when you stir in HBO’s Sopranos,  iCarly’s Gibby, a classic actress and a Degrassi cast member together?


You get Nicky Deuce, the latest Nickelodeon channel movie.  So is this movie really any good?


First off, it is a short movie clocking in at roughly 1 hour and 15 minutes long (1 ½ hour with commercials).  This really makes for one of the channels shortest movies and with the expansive cast, things get confusing quickly.


The movie stars Noah Munck best known as Gibby on the now cancelled popular show iCarly.   While this role isn’t a total stretch for him, it is good for him to play a smarter character than the one on iCarly.


The cast also consists of several people who appeared on the HBO show Sopranos.  While I never watched that show, it seems that this was more like a reunion for them than a movie.  We also get a highly unrecognizable Rita Moreno as grandma and Cristine Prosperi most notable from the teen series Degrassi as Donna, the new flame in Nicky’s life.


For those who love the Sopranos, this may be the perfect gem of a comedy crime movie.  The same could be said of fans of the iCarly as well.  However, the number of characters in this movie is hard to keep track of and thus makes it a little overwhelming if not impossible to keep up with what is going on.


While this movie is a standard type mob movie, it is lightweight with a decent amount of comedy mixed in.  Certainly not a perfect movie, but it is better than Nickelodeon’s previous movies of “Fred” movies, “Best Player”, and the somewhat good but uneven “The Boy Who Cried Werewolf”.


I was never bored watching this film but it was way too short and seemed rushed to get to the end.  This movie definitely needed 2 hours to tell its story, but I believe that the casting put a huge strain on the show’s limited budget.  Maybe there will be an extended version of this movie at some point, possibly even on the forthcoming DVD already slated for a mid-July release.


In conclusion, this movie is not perfect with what seems to be mostly stunt casting with the mobsters from Sopranos.  It was still enjoyable as is, but a yearning for more is not out of question.


The show premiered last Monday (Memorial Day night), but as I write this there is no scheduled airing in the next few days, which means that this will be a matter of searching for it across the Nickelodeon networks.  I expect this movie to turn up on Teennick before it airs on the parent station again in the near future.  One final plus as with most of Nickelodeon movies lately (unlike their TV shows) is that it is being shown in widescreen format, not the standard pan-and-scan version.

My Score:  7


Summary:  Good family entertainment, but just too short.  Better than past movies on the network.