When wanting to ask questions of me or anybody else, there are 3 places that I use and to some extent recommend.  However each of them have their caveats as I will discuss here.


First up is formspring.me .


This is one of the oldest of the Q & A websites out there.  Recently it was almost shut down, but it was saved by a new owner who claims they want to improve it.  However, I have seen really no improvement in the last month.  Occasionally, I will get a question in my inbox, but it is extremely rare now.  This site doesn’t seem to get as much action as it used to, but is occasionally fun.  You can follow me at http://www.formspring.me/louisbrownusa


Next is youreply.net


This site claims to be the new Formspring; at least that was their original slogan.  While this site is not nearly as pretty as Formspring, it is functional to an extent.  Instead of asking questions on a more private level, this site allows for public questions.  Unfortunately, this list of questions is long with a long list of answers following each one.  It would be best if the questions were somehow grouped together by a date lookup.  Only plus side to this is that if somebody replies to your answer, you get a notification.  Since signing up, I am following about 2 people and have really no followers of my own.  However if you want to change that go to http://youreply.net/user/LouisBrown and follow me.  I really would appreciate it.


Lastly is meetme.com


This site was originally called the less meaningful name of myyearbook.com.  It should be obvious that this was not in any way a yearbook site.  However, this site seems to be home to more creepiness than any of the other sites.  While this site has a Q & A section where I have received some of the oddest questions, it also has a secret admirer section and even creepier profile viewer section that others can view your profile and then you receive an email showing you the person.  So far, it seems that the only thing I have attracted here are older women and gay men, neither of which I am interested in becoming socially intimate with.  Certainly this site has a lot to offer, but like Facebook has some very dangerous parts as well if one is not careful.  You can follow me here at http://www.meetme.com/member/30320477


So how do I rate all of these sites?  Unfortunately none are perfect and all have serious flaws.  I will give each of them a grade of 7 with a caution as all of them have serious issues that keep them from being perfect.


Stay safe on these sites and have fun.