Last week, I started discussing the TV Guide top 60 game shows.  This week I delve deeper into their list.  The listing can be viewed here.


While I have no problems with the top 10, I find it interesting that “The Newlywed Game” actually made it that high.  Personally it would have gone down much further on my list.


As far as the remaining 50 are concerned, most I agree with except “Studs” and “Masquerade Party” as these were just bad shows.  However, a few shows were missing that I would have put on the list:


  • “Face the Music” – This show hosted by former Tarzan Ron Ely was fun and yes a rip-off of “Name that Tune”.  The difference was that the endgame was guessing the mystery celebrity shown in pictures through the years.
  • Magnificent Marble Machine” – Somewhere in the basement of NBC studios there still lives a giant pinball machine which I thought was a great short-lived show in the mid-1970s.
  • Money Maze”   — This show hosted by Nick Clooney (George’s dad), like the previously mentioned show had a giant maze that covered pretty much the entire studio floor.  Another fun show to watch.
  • Celebrity Sweepstakes” – Played in a format that resembled a horse race track, it pitted 6 celebrities against each other to answer trivia.  Sadly, this show died at the expense of “The Price is Right” hour expansion.


Now my choices for the worst shows even though TV Guide hasn’t mentioned the worst:


  • “Deal or No Deal” (syndicated version) – Gone were the girls for the most part and replaced by real people opening the cases.  This show had all the fun knocked out of it.
  • The Better Sex” — This show tried to pit the men against the women in a trivia game show hosted by country singer Bill Anderson and Sarah Purcell formerly from “Real People”.  All this show concluded were that the sexes were equal and nothing more.
  • “Rhyme and Reason” – This dog was a “Match Game” rip-off.  It’s most notorious claim to fame was that the celebrities on the final show were so mad of the cancellation of the show the show, they wrecked the show’s set, which simply put was vandalism.  Many of these celebrities would never be able to return back to the ABC studios lot ever again.
  • “You Deserve It” — Hosted by “The Bachelor’s” Chris Harrison, this show was almost preachy in this weekly show that seemed to change formats on every show.  Sadly, each incorrect answer cost the player money until they went to 0.  We deserved better than this.


Certainly there are more that could go into both categories and maybe in the future I will discuss more of them.  But for now, it is a beginning of my best and worst game shows.



Special Notice:  In celebration of July 4th next week, there will be no blog post.  I hopefully will return the following week with a brand new and exciting post at that time.  As always, thanks for your continued support.