Everybody loves FREE.


What if somebody said that you get a new software program every day for FREE?


You might jump on that idea, right?


However, you may want to reconsider that idea if you belong to the site “Giveaway of the Day (link here).


While this site does offer a few decent programs (emphasis on few), the majority of the programs could be considered either junk or just simply crap.  All of the programs are utility type programs (sorry no games here) that range from disc defraggers to uninstallers to video players.  This is what the bulk of programs are in their daily selection.


Some of the programs are gems as I have downloaded a few and use them many times.  However, there are some things to keep in mind before downloading any programs from this site along with things to avoid:

  • AVOID crippleware.  These are programs that stop working after 6 months or a year and give no warning that it does until it is too late.  It is bad to get attached to using a program only to find out that it no longer works.
  • AVOID programs from foreign countries.  While “Made in the USA” might be great, many of these programs come from foreign lands and could possibly contain spyware or worse unknown viruses.
  • Read user comments carefully.  Many times they will offer alternatives that are better than what is offered and be 100% free with no strings attached.
  • Only install a program if you REALLY need that kind of program.  While having 50 defraggers may be nice, you don’t really need that many nor should you have that many.
  • AVOID blocked websites.  Trust your antivirus program if it blocks the home page of the program’s creator.  This could be sure sign of trouble.
  • Check system requirements.


I recommend this website, but only if proper care is taken.  Consider downloading a program if and only if you have an absolute need for it and not just because you want a new toy as it could cause trouble with other installed programs.


I am nor giving a rating to this site as the product changes daily, but everything on this site well organized enough to make an educated decision as to whether to download a program or not.


Happy downloading!