This week’s post is being posted in all my blogs as I feel it is that important to be presented everywhere.  Enjoy this week’s post.


When I started thinking about what I was going to write about this week, I was pretty much at a loss, not because of lack of topic rather which topic I was going to discuss.


That was until this morning, when everything nearly came crashing down physically.  If ever you thought that laws could be broken, today was the day and it happened in spades.


It all started around 8:30am this morning.  I live down a dead-end street clearly marked as such.  I also live on a road perpendicular to a busy road where 18-wheelers drive down constantly.  Usually everything is fine with no problems that was until today.  Apparently, according to some GPS systems, my street is a shortcut pass-through to the place where these trucks are supposed to go, which is very wrong.


Today, one dumb truck driver ignored all the dead-end street signs and decided to travel down my street.  The problem was that the driver was unable to turn is vehicle around given the brick business building across from my house.  As ugly fate would have it, in the process of trying to turn his truck, he rammed the corner of the brick building significantly enough to knock several bricks out of the building and cause significant damage to it.


When the driver tried to straighten his truck, he moved the trash bins out for collection up further into our yard then proceeded to turn his vehicle up onto our lawn doing significant damage to that along with cracking our driveway.  After the driver got out of my yard and parked his vehicle across the street on the side of the building, I went out to go over to the police car that was there during this entire incident.  As I was approaching the police car, I saw the truck driver approaching my lawn to put the trash cans back at the end of our yard.


At this point, I yelled over to the driver on “who is going to pay for the damage done to our lawn?”  Either the guy didn’t hear me or didn’t want to hear me as he stepped into his vehicle and drove away.  I talked to the cop and asked him what I was supposed to do as this guy did significant damage to our yard.  He refused to write-up a report for the damage done.  The cop said that it was OUR responsibility to contact the company for what had happened and to get a settlement from them.


Isn’t it the police’s responsibility to collect information on property damage, not the citizen to having to deal with the truck’s owner?  Apparently the cop was much more interested in the damaged building without caring at all about the damage done to our lawn.  Is this what we really pay cops for, to let stupid people destroy people’s property with no ramifications?


This was just the beginning of just where the day went downhill with lawbreakers.  The second one came from uncle.


For the first time in about 10 years, my aunt and uncle came to visit us from Texas.  Apparently his wild cowboy ways has gotten the best of him.  As first of all, he really doesn’t like wearing a seat belt while driving.  Since we went several miles with him unbuckled it bothered me that we could possibly get stopped because of his ignorance.


To add insult to injury, he made a left hand turn on a red light onto a busy road.  It is apparent that he has no respect for the rules of the road.  Where are the police when all this is happening?  Probably the cop was taking a break after the truck/building/lawn accident.


It seems to me that the police have their priorities all messed up as they don’t do what is important and do a half-ass job at what they do.  It is not surprising that my day with my relatives ended 3 short hours after it began.  I wish them good luck that they don’t get stopped by ignoring some simple road rule.  It is no wonder why so many criminals get away because the cops don’t do their job.


Thankfully, I had enough time to write this post while staring out the window looking at our torn up lawn and the damaged building across the street.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring…maybe that will be next week’s post.