The Million Second Quiz and Double Standards

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Well, it is finally over.  After nearly a week and half, the show that started out interesting crashed and burned on its big finale.  I am talking about the Ryan Seacrest hosted and produced show “The Million Second Quiz”.


If you missed this 24/7 train wreck, congratulations you survived the mess that could have been interesting.  Unfortunately, given that only one hour of 24 aired on television and most of that was filled endless commercials, only about 20 minutes was actual gameplay.


Add to this that I watched the show in standard definition to zoom in closer to the questions at the bottom of the screen which was still too small even in this format.  Given that the television I used also has closed-captioning enabled and that the writing appeared right across the question area at the bottom of the screen, this show was impossible to read the questions or enjoy whatsoever.


Given that Ryan Seacrest wants to become the next Dick Clark, this certainly wasn’t the way to start even though Mr. Clark had many show failures over the years.  To make matters worse was that the big finale episode was such a lopsided game; it was not even fun to watch.  Hopefully this hourglass and chair get retired for an eternity.


My Score:  2


However, things were not much better for long-running shows “Wheel of Fortune” and “Jeopardy” during their premiere week.


On “Wheel”, a contestant misspoke the word “curio” in the phrase “Corner Curio Cabinet”.  Unfortunately, because of the error, he lost the round and his eventual chance at winning a million dollars.  On “Jeopardy”, a player mispronounced the word “Equus” in his response; however Alex Trebek corrected him and gave him credit for the answer.


Ironically, the “Wheel” video went viral and hit all the major talk shows, whereas the “Jeopardy” flub was never mentioned.  So it’s ok to screw up on “Jeopardy”, but not ok on “Wheel” unless you write the wrong spelling which should not matter (so they say) in Final Jeopardy as one kid did last year by miswriting “Emancipation Proclamation”.


I guess these shows pick and choose who they want to win or lose just by what they write or mispronounce.  At this rate, this double standard will cause both of these shows to join “Million Second Quiz” on the cancellation list.  Let’s hope that doesn’t happen in the near future and these shows should standardize how they handle what people say and write.






Randomness This Week

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Last week was not a good week for me.  Between bad storms that played havoc on my electricity to extreme heat to a near concussion that I suffered from hitting my head, it was absolutely one of my worst weeks ever.  To top off all that, I go my annual allergies again that have yet gone away.


Since I still am not feeling the greatest and missed last week without any explanation, I have decided to offer up some random thoughts this week.


First, before everything fell apart for me last week, I was going to write about 9/11.  Instead since nothing major happened that day, it was best to say nothing about it and save my thoughts for next year when we celebrate the unlucky 13th anniversary.


However, I am confused why MSNBC still has to show this tragic event year after year as it happened on the tragic date.  Doesn’t this network ever think about being respectful to those who lost their lives on this horrific day?  After all, I know of no other event that gets this kind of annual replay.


Second, the government is on the verge of another shutdown and the republicans want to defund the Affordable Care Act.  Why have they never offered their own alternatives to the program?  Are they in the back pockets of the big insurance companies that continue to rip people off with over-priced premiums while at the same time denying people the benefits that they are paying for?


Third, over the last few weeks, I have opened the times that I have been online to answering any questions on my Facebook page.  The results have been less than stellar except for a couple of overly curious people.  In a way this is good, but somehow it can get a little intrusive, but I don’t mind answering questions on virtually any subject.  What does bother me in all this is those people who post to my comments well after I have logged off for the day.  This is the same effect as talking behind my back.  This is I find rude and proof that some people don’t really want to talk to me.  I will continue to do these question sessions as I feel that they are fun and interesting nonetheless.


Finally, some of you may know that recently my high school celebrated its 30th class reunion.  Some may be waiting for my explanation for my reason of not going and trust me, it will happen soon.  It is just that every time I start wanting to write about it, some other topic or somebody has something to post about it on the class’s Facebook page.  I haven’t forgotten about it, but I do feel that some may be offended about what I have to say.  Consider this a pre-warning.


I am hoping that next week I will have something more exciting to write about than what I wrote about.  I just feel that every once in a while it is important to stray off into a different direction.  Maybe it is just my allergies talking right now so I will stop now until next time.


Disney Failures — One Ending and One Beginning

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Usually Disney doesn’t have program failures, but it now has 2 of them.


The first of them airs on their sister station ABCFamily.  The show is “The Vineyard”.  This show is sort of in the same spirit of shows like “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills” that lived on MTV years ago.  This time instead of sunny California, we are transported to the should-be fictionalized town of Martha’s Vineyard.


Over the last 7 episodes (the 8th and final one airs next Tuesday), we have followed a group of pretty privileged people as they spend a summer together in the tourist area.  Unfortunately, there is nothing likable about these people as the only thing we know about them is their first name and what little of the characters are presented.  Ironically, there is no swearing, not even a bleep.  This makes me wonder if this show was real or just a scripted show that was made to look like a real life drams.


The only good thing about this show is the scenery as this would make a great travelogue of the area, but beyond that forget it as this show offers nothing but a lot of crying, drinking and yelling.


I don’t know why I have continued to watch this show except that the scenery is pretty and the people are pretty, but the story is very, very ugly.


My score:  2


Summary:  Stay for the scenery, watch the pretty people, just mute the volume on the lousy storylines.



The second failure comes in what seems to be the 40th season of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”.  This syndicated show which started out as a few times a week show with Regis Philbin as host has become a now daily show that previously was hosted by Meredith Vieira.


Now the show has a new host of Cedric the Entertainer.  Quite honestly, this guy is the wrong person for this show.  As of the first three episodes aired, only 1 white person was a contestant on the show.  There seems to be a bias against white people on this show now that never existed before.


Beyond that, I know it is customary for Cedric to where his hat indoors, but didn’t anyone ever teach him any manners about that.  Add to this, his constant use of the word “man” with every male contestant and you get the feeling that you are watching a show that should be on BET instead.


Back in the 1970’s, we had just one colored game show host. It was television poet Nipsey Russell.  Today, the airwaves are filled with African-American hosts in the game show world.  It is no longer a white boy’s club.


Sadly, this show fails to keep my interest anymore as Cedric is NO ENTERTAINER.  Given that the show hasn’t awarded the top prize in years, this show has slipped to dismal at best.


It’s time for our final answer of goodbye once and for all.


My score:  5


Summary:  This show would play great on BET, but now this show has shifted away from being a show for the white folk.