No Beyonce for You at Target

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If you have not heard, Beyoncé has a new album out.


Just don’t look for it at your favorite local store.


At least not until this Friday.


This is when her self-titled CD will be released tentatively.


Just don’t look for it at your local Target store though.


According to the company, they don’t want to be part of a cd that has already sold over a half-million copies on iTunes.


Can you blame them?


Less than a week before Christmas and this cd drops out of nowhere with no advanced notice whatsoever.  Certainly not the kind of business anybody wants this close to the holiday.


So what is the REAL reason that the company isn’t going to carry this cd?


I believe that Target likes to have exclusives to the CDs that they sell so selling this one as a non-exclusive would not be in their best interest. After all, what company would not want to make extra money for extras such as bonus songs, bonus CD/DVD, collectable packaging or some other gimmick?


Just look at most of the new releases that have occurred in the last month.  Most all of them have had exclusives to Target giving them an edge in selling a special product.


Chances are that every store will sell the cd at pretty much the same price.  This gives nobody the advantage and being so close to the end of the year, no company wants to be stuck with inventory that they can’t sell and will have to count after the new year.


Consider, also the greed by both Beyoncé and her record company for wanting to swoop in at the last minute and steal sales away from other recent releases.  Nothing says love to your favorite artist than cutthroat marketing.


Finally, there is the issue of too much of a crowded field of CDs already out there.  There have been way too many releases in the last few months and some have been sold out for weeks with no chance of restocking before the holidays.  Customers won’t settle for something else when what they is sold out.


My recommendation:  leave this CD alone until after the new year when it will probably be cheaper and chances are that a special edition will be released later in the year by some chain.  As a non-fan of her, this is a recommendation from someone who likes their physical media.  This one just isn’t the one.



Please note:


This is the last posting for this year.  I will return the first week of January with a brand new posting (if all goes well).  For you date counters out there, that means approximately 3 weeks from now I will return


Until then, remember have a safe and happy holiday season or if you don’t celebrate the holidays, make one up.













Jinxed — Is this a review or Nickelodeon’s Status?

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On the last day of filming of “Victorious”, Victoria Justice walked out of Nickelodeon Studios shaking her fist and saying “Your will forever be cursed.  You will never have another hit EVER again!  NEVER!”  Then in a flash, she was gone forever.


Of course this could have been the storyline to Nickelodeon’s most recent movie called “Jinxed”.  It would have been a much better story.  Anyway onward with the review of this show


As I wrote a couple of months ago, I predicted that this movie would be a loser and boy was I right on with this one.  This movie premiered on the night of Black Friday and has run several times since.  Running at a total time of 1 ½ hours (roughly 1 hour 15 minutes without commercials), this movie is just a one trick pony that deals with a curse placed on a family generations earlier by an evil girl.  Eventually the family ends the curse and gives it to the family of the girl who gave them the curse.  However, in the end, the curse is once again given to the original family.  Sorry to act as spoiler but this is the whole short movie.  Not much to look at.


Let me say though that I love Ciara Bravo (from the show Big Time Rush) and it is good that she finally broke character as being a scheming girl to someone vulnerable.  Unfortunately, this movie did nothing except made her look cute and adorable while going through the motions of making a movie.


The only redeeming value of this film is that this film reminded me of the type of slop that was released by Disney back in the 1970’s,  the type of movies that always featured Kurt Russell, Joe Flynn, and Cesar Romero amongst others.  Back then, Disney was churning these movies on what seemed to be about 4 or 5 a year.  And yet they were all basically the same lousy story and same type of premise.  However, in the long run, this type of memories should be long forgotten and in no way resurrected.  Unfortunately this movie in some ways does just that.  Congratulations Nickelodeon for bringing back the bad past.


My score:  3


Summary:  Ignore this short, boring movie unless you love Ciara Bravo.  In that case, I recommend watching old episodes of “Big Time Rush”.


Now the point of this week’s posting.  It appears that Nickelodeon has been jinxed.


One look at the Saturday night lineup is all the proof anybody would need.  Consider that shows like “Wendell & Vinnie” are gone, “Sam & Cat” has disappeared replaced by “The Thundermans” and “Haunted Hathaways”.   Both of these new shows rely on special effects and neither are funny.  I may give a review of these shows in the future if they last long enough.


As far as “Sam & Cat” goes, the last show that aired 2 weeks ago made a reference to the crossroad of “Shields” and “Yarnell”.  Anybody who grew up in the 1970’s may get the joke, but the audience that this show attracts won’t have a clue.  I got the joke but it really wasn’t funny.  With the ongoing references like this, it won’t be long that we say so long to this show.


Maybe this show is jinxed or cursed.


Finally on other front, I am surprised that ABC recently aired the show of “Lady Gaga and the Muppets’ Holiday Spectacular” was nothing more than an epic fail.  First it aired for an 1 ½ starting at 9:30pm, well after most kids go to bed.  Secondly, Lady Gaga is not what I call a kid-friendly celebrity.  The show has had other airings, but they have all been after the midnight hour.  Is there something offensive about this show that it has to air so late, beyond Lady Gaga being on it?  I have not watched this show and have no intention to as I do not like Lady Gaga no matter how much I like the Muppets.  I bet I am not alone in this.


Maybe that show was cursed as well…





Greater Portland — The Way Life SHOULD NOT Be!

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Last month, Portland Maine legalized the usage of marijuana at least to a limited extent.  As mentioned previously, how this will be handled is yet to be determined.


Also last month, South Portland repealed a waterfront ordinance which would have prevented tar sands to be piped in from Canada.  Last night, a packed house of citizens packed city hall meeting of the planning board to express their dissatisfaction with the vote from last month.  After watching this on TV for about an hour last night, I got bored with the same old thing being said over and over.  It was apparent from the occasional “uh-huh” that the planning board was more like the planning bored as well.  The extent of the problem seems to be regarding a new moratorium that the city would like to establish but doesn’t really seem to please the owners of the local oil company.  Gee, any real surprise by that one.  I have the feeling that there will be no moratorium and the public will be shut out of any future discussion as they have already had their vote and repealed the ordinance.  As far as politics is concerned, this issue doesn’t seem to warrant any second chances.


Now for the biggest political offender of them all that occurred yesterday.  Scarborough Maine decided to repeal a dog leash ordinance which would have forced dog owners to have their dogs on leashes at all times within city limits except for designated areas to be named in the future.  Like in South Portland, the signs were overwhelmingly in favor of the repeal.  And the signs were everywhere.  You could not drive around Scarborough without seeing the signs of repeal.


This referendum was in response to the town responding to a $12,000 fine imposed by the federal government after a plover was killed in its nesting area by a dog loose on the local beach.  The fine was reduced to $500 as long as the ordinance passed.  However, given its failure and the cost of $4,000 for the election the town may be on the hook for as much as $16,000 because of what a loose dog did.


Personally, I believe that dogs should be on a leash at all times.  Just because a dog is said to be friendly and won’t hurt anybody doesn’t mean that it really is.  Just because its owner says that he/she responds to voice commands doesn’t necessarily mean that it really does.  Just like people, dogs will do what they want to anybody at any time even without warning


Just as an example, quite a few years ago, I was walking down a neighborhood street when a dog darted out of a yard and started charging after me.  I ran away off that street as fast as I could.  However, the owners of the dog made NO attempt to call the dog off or go after it.  Instead the owners just sat on their porch laughing as the dog continued to chase me.  It is this type of irresponsibility that will occur as the ordinance passed in Scarborough allows dogs not to be leashed at any time.  That is until a new ordinance is drawn up restricting loose dogs in the town.  In fact, yesterday while I was out in Scarborough at a local shopping area, I saw a loose dog with its presumably owner about 10 feet behind the dog.  I believe that there will be a lot more of this in the town because the idiots of Scarborough voted the wrong way.


Just like South Portland and Portland did a month before.  Welcome to the new way of how life should NOT be!