Last month, Portland Maine legalized the usage of marijuana at least to a limited extent.  As mentioned previously, how this will be handled is yet to be determined.


Also last month, South Portland repealed a waterfront ordinance which would have prevented tar sands to be piped in from Canada.  Last night, a packed house of citizens packed city hall meeting of the planning board to express their dissatisfaction with the vote from last month.  After watching this on TV for about an hour last night, I got bored with the same old thing being said over and over.  It was apparent from the occasional “uh-huh” that the planning board was more like the planning bored as well.  The extent of the problem seems to be regarding a new moratorium that the city would like to establish but doesn’t really seem to please the owners of the local oil company.  Gee, any real surprise by that one.  I have the feeling that there will be no moratorium and the public will be shut out of any future discussion as they have already had their vote and repealed the ordinance.  As far as politics is concerned, this issue doesn’t seem to warrant any second chances.


Now for the biggest political offender of them all that occurred yesterday.  Scarborough Maine decided to repeal a dog leash ordinance which would have forced dog owners to have their dogs on leashes at all times within city limits except for designated areas to be named in the future.  Like in South Portland, the signs were overwhelmingly in favor of the repeal.  And the signs were everywhere.  You could not drive around Scarborough without seeing the signs of repeal.


This referendum was in response to the town responding to a $12,000 fine imposed by the federal government after a plover was killed in its nesting area by a dog loose on the local beach.  The fine was reduced to $500 as long as the ordinance passed.  However, given its failure and the cost of $4,000 for the election the town may be on the hook for as much as $16,000 because of what a loose dog did.


Personally, I believe that dogs should be on a leash at all times.  Just because a dog is said to be friendly and won’t hurt anybody doesn’t mean that it really is.  Just because its owner says that he/she responds to voice commands doesn’t necessarily mean that it really does.  Just like people, dogs will do what they want to anybody at any time even without warning


Just as an example, quite a few years ago, I was walking down a neighborhood street when a dog darted out of a yard and started charging after me.  I ran away off that street as fast as I could.  However, the owners of the dog made NO attempt to call the dog off or go after it.  Instead the owners just sat on their porch laughing as the dog continued to chase me.  It is this type of irresponsibility that will occur as the ordinance passed in Scarborough allows dogs not to be leashed at any time.  That is until a new ordinance is drawn up restricting loose dogs in the town.  In fact, yesterday while I was out in Scarborough at a local shopping area, I saw a loose dog with its presumably owner about 10 feet behind the dog.  I believe that there will be a lot more of this in the town because the idiots of Scarborough voted the wrong way.


Just like South Portland and Portland did a month before.  Welcome to the new way of how life should NOT be!