Here we are at 2014.


Much has changed from a year ago.


Time Warner Cable has finally brought back the Ovation Channel after a year of being off the air.


However, we said a sad goodbye to SOAPNet as this channel kicked the bucket.  This channel showed reruns of soap operas, but also showed reruns of “Veronica Mars”.  Since this show is getting a big screen reboot later this year, this was a kick in the face to this niche show.


We also saw an updated navigator system which is a significant improvement from the old system, but still needs a lot of work to be perfect.


As far as the rest of the world is concerned, much has changed.  Some of which I will discuss in my next week’s posting along with a look back at last year’s predictions and dusting off the crystal ball for another year.


I am looking forward to getting at least 100 followers of this blog by midyear and near 200 by the end of the year.  It is optimistic but I think if the word spreads it can and will happen.


As we look ahead toward my 100th post, I plan on talking about what has happened in the first 99 posts with additional thoughts.  I hope that most of you will join me in my journey in what I have to say.  As always, you can email me or tweet me ideas of what you would like to see discussed in this blog.  I am always up for suggestions as sometimes it is hard to come up with new thoughts occasionally.  At least I have the next half dozen or so ideas lined up, but send me your ideas nonetheless.  I will keep them anonymous unless otherwise requested.


This post may be short this week, but I promise much more next time.