Well, last night Time Warner Cable (TWC) did yet another bonehead thing.


For the second night in a row a little after 3am, the cable boxes in my house rebooted.  Thinking that this was just another quick reboot that happens every Monday night, I thought nothing much until I started tuning into the low end channels that I usually tune in to.


I turned on to the Disney Channel (the standard definition version) and noticed that the description said DISNHD and the box indicated a higher than 480p resolution.  The picture was also a widescreen picture, not the standard cropped picture that I was used to for the channel.


It appears something was wrong.


So I checked the local ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and CW channels.


All were the same widescreen HD channels on the low numbers.


This isn’t good I thought as using these low numbers with a DVR will chew up as much space as their comparable HD station number.


Of course, I didn’t have the AutoHD feature enabled and checking the program guide proved that all the local stations along with many of the other cable channels were replaced by their HD counterparts on the lower cable numbers.


So the real question now is:  does TWC plan on changing how it stores programs on customer’s DVRs to compensate for this channel change.


What makes matters worse is that today I received a letter in the mail stating that TWC plans on changing their entire lineup above channel 99.  However, this doesn’t answer the question if the lower end channels will remain HD channels or return them back to the standard definition to save DVR space on shows that I don’t care about.


Certainly I don’t believe that I am not alone not happy about either of these changes.  After all, the channel numbers have been the same for many years and changing them now is neither logical nor practical.  The only plus side to this change is that it would allow for more of the same types of channels to be added (or subtracted)  at a future date.


I hope this HD conversion is just temporary as the new lineup is supposed to kick in in a few weeks. But until then, it looks like continued cable hell from everybody’s most hated cable company.