The Wonderful World of Unfriending

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Facebook can be a wonderful place for people to reconnect with those long-lost friends that you want to keep in touch with.


It can also be the place where you can be hated by those you thought were once your friends or maybe you were misled into thinking they were your friend.


Such has been the case with me in the last couple of weeks.


I regularly use the Facebook application “who unfriended me” to check who has either deleted their accounts or in the rare occasion of who decided to unfriend me outright.


About a year ago, I had approximately 1100 friends on Facebook.  Now that number is just a little over 600.  Most are those who deleted their accounts, but there are some that made that decision to cut their ties with me.


I have never personally unfriended anyone nor would I ever do that.  However, as I have mentioned in a previous post, I did have to block a couple of people not only for my safety but also the safety of my other friends.  As I stated then, it was a tough decision but one that I don’t regret.


What is bad is when somebody who you have been friends with since junior high school decides to unfriend you after being an online friend since I first came onto Facebook about 5 years ago.  So what did I do wrong that drove them away?  The world and I will never know.


On the other hand, I also lost a manager I used to work with about 8 years ago as a friend on Facebook as well.  The real difference with him is that he was only friends with me for about the last couple of months.  Apparently, this jerk manager who has the biggest ego I had ever known decided that I wasn’t worthy to be a friend anymore and decided to cut the cord on this friendship.  I don’t think anybody needs somebody who thinks they are so wonderful that they care more about themselves than others around them.  All I can say to him is “adios amigos”.


Overall, I most disappointed by those who never friended me.  You know the types:  those who are mutual friends with dozens of others who were also thought to be friends with you in the past and those you meet in person who say they will send you a friend request as soon as possible.


I really don’t know which of these groups I hate the most.  To me both of these groups represent liars.  As far as I am concerned none of these type of people are worthy of being friends online or in real life.


This brings me full circle to my discussion of bullying in a past posting.  Why would anybody want to friend someone who always showed hatred in the first place?  Or for that matter, why would anyone want to be part of any online group that doesn’t show respect to its members?


This will be the beginning of the discussion that I plan to start next time as I say why I will never attend any of my high school reunions.  I expect that there will be those out there who may unfriend me after that discussion but I expect that even though I am not hoping for it.


Only time will tell how people will react to that topic.


The 100th Post – State of the Blog

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Hello and welcome to the 100th post.


This blog has come a long way from its humble beginnings.


Maybe I should say the lack of beginnings.


This blog was born out of my desire to talk about everything that my other blog didn’t cover.


Certainly politics was a major topic over the last year or so of this blog.  Anger exists of the stupid politicians and how they seem to want to hurt more than help the people who put them in office in the first place.


Love it or hate it, Time Warner Cable has been a constant evolving problem.  Things may get better or worse if the proposed takeover by Comcast takes place.  In fact, one person I know expressed his hatred to merger despite the fact that he not only doesn’t watch TV, he doesn’t have cable or as far as I know don’t even own a TV.  How can anyone be angry at a merger without knowing how bad things currently are?  I guess ignorance is bliss.


Ignorance also showed its ugly head with customer service as well.  When companies like Newsweek ignore their customer’s subscriptions like I was ignored, then going out of business would be a blessing.  Sad when a company offers no solution to help a customer.


As far as television is concerned, we mourned the death of shows like iCarly and Victorious while criticizing the rotating horrors of Saturday night on Nickelodeon.  The movies on the network fared no better overall.


On the Disney side, shows like “Liv & Maddie” are promising and “Teen Beach Movie” was a hit, but other newcomers may have some issues.  Unfortunately, “Shake It Up” and “Good Luck Charlie” are two of the better shows that are both history now.


Speaking of history, we kiss goodbye to “The X Factor”.  After 3 painful years, it is finally over.  However, the real question will be the survival of a revamped “American Idol”.  Only time will tell over that one, but at least the drama queens are gone.


Speaking of drama queens, there was no shortage of displays of nudity of former Disney queens Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus.  Can’t these girls keep their clothes on at all?  What are they trying to prove by doing all that nudity and what influences are they upon their younger fans?  I consider neither a role model anymore and I hope others feel the same way.


Finally, the topic of bullying sparked the biggest comments, mostly from those on Facebook, which ironically is the biggest source of the problem.  Facebook also has seen its ups and downs on the number of friends I have.  Some have tried to be friends while others have left with no explanation.  My thought is its their loss not mine.

So what am I looking forward to discussing in the future.  Here are some of the topics I have in mind for the future:


  • Why go blue?
  • What the TWC merger means to us?
  • Disney vs. Nick:  why are the wheels falling off both companies?
  • And finally, possibly coming next a multi-part post:  Why I never intend to attend my high school reunion ever?  I expect that this one will offend a lot of people who still are friends with me from high school.


Overall, this has been humbling road since the first post which just had one vote as to whether I should have left my original blog to Blogger.  Thankfully I extended to WordPress because the blog has increased significantly since.  Hopefully, this one will see similar growth when I reach post #200.


So until next time…happy reading.





Time Warner Cable Standard Definition Workaround


A couple of weeks ago, I commented that Time Warner had apparently gotten rid of their standard definitions channels on many of their low numbered channels.  This included local networks and most of the basic cable channels.

Well, it turns out that the channels never really disappeared but were there all along.  However accessing them is not easy and requires compromise.

The trick is that the setting on the cable box has to be set to the 480p resolution only.  Forget high-definition resolutions of 480i, 720p, or 1080i.  You won’t get them.

Not only that but you will not get ANY high-definition channels at all including channels that broadcast only in HD.  Zero, zip, nada.

So for now, Time Warner customers have a choice:  live without HD or live without SD channels.  I don’t believe that this should be a choice as both formats should be available no matter what.  Right now, I see no solution to get it all.

Maybe when TWC get all their channels changed over, all channels in both formats will be available again, but until then we all suffer with their continued lousy service.  If anybody knows of any other solution to get it all, let me know.  However, it should be noted as TWC rolls out changes not all features will be available in all areas.  In other words, the problem may or may not exist in your service area.

Next time, I will celebrate the 100th post.  I hope to reflect on what has happened over the last number of months.  So until next time…keep your cable box rebooting and hope for the best.

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