A couple of weeks ago, I commented that Time Warner had apparently gotten rid of their standard definitions channels on many of their low numbered channels.  This included local networks and most of the basic cable channels.

Well, it turns out that the channels never really disappeared but were there all along.  However accessing them is not easy and requires compromise.

The trick is that the setting on the cable box has to be set to the 480p resolution only.  Forget high-definition resolutions of 480i, 720p, or 1080i.  You won’t get them.

Not only that but you will not get ANY high-definition channels at all including channels that broadcast only in HD.  Zero, zip, nada.

So for now, Time Warner customers have a choice:  live without HD or live without SD channels.  I don’t believe that this should be a choice as both formats should be available no matter what.  Right now, I see no solution to get it all.

Maybe when TWC get all their channels changed over, all channels in both formats will be available again, but until then we all suffer with their continued lousy service.  If anybody knows of any other solution to get it all, let me know.  However, it should be noted as TWC rolls out changes not all features will be available in all areas.  In other words, the problem may or may not exist in your service area.

Next time, I will celebrate the 100th post.  I hope to reflect on what has happened over the last number of months.  So until next time…keep your cable box rebooting and hope for the best.