Sometimes it is good to be dead or maybe to appear to be dead.


However, if you are a website this could be either a good thing or a bad thing.


Almost a year ago, I discussed the website


However, in the last couple of days, a new message appears on the site that says “closed for now”.  Unfortunately this site has not seen any real activity since the first of the year with the last question being back in December.  Personally, I never received any followers which added to my lack of desire to the site.


On the other hand, the new seems to be alive and well.  I have over 300 followers now there.  I am amazed at the growth in the past few months of this revamped site.  If you want to join me on the site, go to and follow me.


The other dead site (or nearing its death) is  If you have never heard of this site, it is a remote computing site that allows one computer to see exactly what is on the screen of another computer and take control of it.


I have used the free version regularly since I signed up a couple of years ago and it has worked really well between my laptop and desktop.  I would have recommended this program highly.


But, now, is discontinuing the use of the free version and wants me to pay to use their pro version.  While I understand that you can’t make money from free, I still believe that the free version should still be available for those people for personal use.


So I will be looking at getting a new program over the coming couple of weeks.  If I find anything that I like, I will report on it here.  I hate giving up on this great program, but I refuse to give into the paid version which is more than I ever need.


Overall, being dead can be a good thing or a bad thing.


It just depends if you rely on the dead.