This week I am going to be doing short little bursts of different topics.  Consider these to be updates to past postings.


In my “Enough About Me, Let’s Talk About Me” post, I discussed the former high school classmate that wanted to be part of the graduation ceremonies.  Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your outlook), this person was allowed to participate with others at the graduation.  While the person didn’t march, they were allowed to sit on stage with the superintendent and principal, making it seem that they got special treatment.  I believe that the superintendent caved into the pressure of the outpouring of support for them.  I don’t believe that this person should ever have been special treatment especially given that people who graduate with a GED in the past have never been part of the real high school graduates.  Shame on the superintendent and shame on my fellow classmates for allowing this thing to happen, I really expected better from everyone.


In my “Good to Be Dead” post, I discussed that the site was no longer had a free version.  Well, after doing much checking and research I decided to go with the program TeamViewer.  Honestly, I found that this program installed fairly easy on both my Windows 7 and XP machines.  After telling each installation about the other machine, I was up and running in a matter of minutes.  Best thing of all, unlike my previous program, I was not disconnected as I had been in a matter of inactivity.  Everything was smooth and I am very happy with my new program.  Note, however, that this program is free only for non-commercial use like as I am doing.  I highly recommend this program.


In my “Time Warner Cable Kicks Standard Definition to the Curb?” post, I discussed that TWC had changed many of their channels to the HD format on their low numbers.  I also mentioned that I did not have AutoHD enabled.  Well, apparently TWC had decided to kill and remove the AutoHD feature once and for all.  When they changed over to the new program lineup, the AutoHD option was no longer needed or required.  However, the problems still remain with their HD channels and a new one has cropped up.  When some channels are set up for recording that has both a channel below 100 and one above 100, sometimes it shows up as recording on 2 different channels even though only one recording was ever set up.  This is usually only noticed when setting up a second (or third, so the DVR box thinks) at the same time.  Hopefully, TWC will fix this bug soon as it is yet another annoying bug.


Just a reminder, comments are always appreciated and certainly liking any of my posts are always appreciated as well.  I hope that this update closes some of my past posts, yet may open myself up to future updates on this posting.