Nick and Disney and the Mostly Bummer Summer Thus Far

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Well, it was bound to happen.


Just it wasn’t expected to be this soon however.


“Sam & Cat” is officially dead.


I wasn’t really surprised that this happened, but given the facts it is pretty easy to understand why.


Many of the problems as far as I can tell revolved around actress Jennette McCurdy.  Between the racy lingerie pics to her not showing up for the Kids Choice Awards earlier this year, it was apparent, she was not happy.


In the last week or so, she has even written that she is “not a role model” and that she thought the real reason for the show’s cancellation was that she was not happy how adults were portrayed on the show, mostly as stupid people.


As if this was really the case that caused the show to be cancelled.


I believe that between her costar Arianna Grande’s music career taking off and Jennette’s career otherwise being stagnant, Jennette felt she was going nowhere fast.  While I can understand her pain, it certainly was not a great idea to sabotage the show like she did.


My thought is that Jennette wants to get out of working for Nickelodeon once and for all and possibly even out of kids shows as well.


So what does she think her future lie?  Here are my ideas (in order from best to worst):


  • Bring back her country music career. She has already released one EP last year.  Maybe it is time to get to the studio to start recording again.
  • Get a new show on a non-kid’s network possibly like ABC Family. She really is not standard network material yet.
  • Follow in the career path of people like Lindsay Lohan by doing a Playboy and adult films like “The Canyons”. She has already proven she has a body and likes to show it off so maybe this is what she really wants to inspire to do.  Of course, this only works if she goes on drugs and starts drinking and partying.  Certainly, not the ideal career choice if she wants to have any fans left.


Beyond Jennette’s problems, this show was full of problems of having lousy storylines and a couple of stunt castings.  It also had many jokes that would go over the heads of most of their audience only to be appreciated by older viewers.


The blame for that lies strictly on creator Dan Schneider, who seems to be in burnout mode as his latest creation of “Henry Danger” was not so great.  It was a lousy superhero movie (it was less than an hour, which I don’t call a movie, by the way) that lacked anything close to being either funny or dangerous.  This show reminded me of the 1960’s Batman series, just not nearly as entertaining and certainly not memorable.  My grade after the premiere episode is a 2.  I will report back later if I feel if it gets better or worse.


Speaking of movies, both Disney and Nickelodeon aired lousy movies in the last few weeks.  “Zapped” (Disney)  and “Terry the Tomboy” (Nickelodeon)  were both forgettable movies and both were pretty bad.  Both were 90 minutes of torture and neither was enjoyable.  My score on both is a 3 and I would rather watch anything for 90 minutes than either of these clunkers.


All has not been totally bad this summer on the kids show front.


There is one shining knight in a sea of junk.


And that shining light is “Boy Meets World—The Next Generation”.


Oops, that is not the title.  Its real title is “Girl Meets World” and it has joined the Disney Channel lineup.


For those people who loved the show in the 1990’s with Cory and Topanga will be happy that they are happily married with 2 kids.  This new series focuses upon their daughter and her best friend and their everyday struggles just like the original series did 20 years ago.  I loved the original and I love this new series as well.  The only downside to this series is that it is running on Disney Channel and may get an early end given that Disney has a policy of cancelling shows when they reach a certain number of episodes regardless of how well the show is doing.


My suggestion would be to move this show to its sister station of ABC and put it on Friday nights just like the original show was.  The memories that this placement would create and possibly even last longer than the original.  I highly recommend this show and give it a grade of 9.


Overall, we have one more official month of summer and only one winner in a crowded field of wannabes.  This week Nickelodeon is running a new live-action “Odd Family” movie.  My hope is that it is equal to the previous one and not be more summer garbage.


My fingers are crossed for a better August. Of course, we always have the fall to look forward to.












Half-Year Reflection

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Please note:  This week’s writing is being posted in all my blogs as it is important to all of my published blogs.


You may have noticed that there has not been a blog post in any of my blogs for the last couple of weeks.  There are a few reasons for that.


Among the most important reasons are the following:

  • Weather plays havoc with my equipment so I remain offline and disconnected when the heat is high.
  • My brain had run out of ideas to write about for a while.
  • I was evaluating the stats to determine the future of my blogs.


Certainly anybody who has been reading my blogs recently will realize that I have had a difficult last couple of months.  While I tried to put as much of a positive spin on what was happening around me, it seemed that I failed with that attempt.  I don’t feel that I really did anything wrong, I was just misinterpreted.


As I mentioned in the past, I am always open to topic ideas in any of my blogs.  So far, I have received only 1 idea which I plan on discussing in the next month or so.  I am also open to guest bloggers who want to step up and write articles for any of my blogs.  Since this has been a one-person operation, sometimes my quality seems to have waned at times.  If anybody is interested in submitting ideas or wants to be a guest writer, feel free to email me at the address at the right.  Please note that I accept both anonymous and named submissions, if you want the credit for it.


My other thing I have been doing is re-evaluating how frequently I post to my blogs.  Usually, my writings have been on Wednesdays allowing me to judge the acceptance on Thursdays.  Lately, it seems that the numbers have been fairly light and the lack of “likes” and comments make me wonder what the public really want and what they don’t.


So, effective immediately, I have decided that I will be publishing a lot less in the foreseeable future.  My plan is to update my blogs approximately twice a month per blog.  However, this number could go up or down depending on desire of topics and anything that I come across that I deem to be important to discuss. I also plan on staggering the posting of my blogs so that both are not posted in the same week, but that could change as well. This choice was not easy, but I felt that it was in everybody’s best interest including my own sanity.


Overall, I expect that both the “Staples” blog and the “Rants” blog will continue for a long time as long as I take it a little slower.  Hopefully, everyone will agree on that.