It has been about 2 weeks since Robin Williams died.


The way he was treated in the media one would think that he was some sort of God.


Well, in a way, he was.


He was able to do it all.


He did comedy, drama, singing, dancing, everything that one could ever imagine and then some.


So it was so sad when it was announced that he had died.


At first, many people on social media sites thought that it was some sort of hoax.


However, that was quickly replaced with the sad fact that it was true.


It was almost immediate about the speculation on how he died.


However, when it was announced that he committed suicide, questions were raised on the reason or reasons why.


What got me angry was when it was released a basic step-by-step way of how he committed suicide.  Certainly this should never have been detailed because it would make some people think it was the “right way” to die.


After what seemed like endless celebrities and endless coverage of almost every movie and every show he ever was featured in, social media sites like Twitter was cyberbullying Williams’ daughter.


This led to Twitter to making changes to its policies on what can be posted.  Apparently it takes a celebrity death to change its bullying policy after thousands have been bullied by social media sites like Twitter.  However, I heard of no policy changes in Facebook.


And just when things started to quiet down, we get news that Williams was suffering early stages of Parkinson’s.  This is the same disease that Michael J. Fox has had for many years and has maintained a fairly good life despite the day-to-day struggles with the disease.


Of course this brings up the whole idea that suicide was a path of hopelessness while struggling with the earliest signs of the disease.


It seems apparent that Williams could not handle the possibility of not having proper use of his arms, legs, voice, head and all his other vital parts that he uses so prominently in his acts.  More than likely he felt that the disease was more of a death sentence and didn’t want to spend the rest of his life struggling with it.


This makes it seem that anybody who has any disease no matter what it is should commit suicide as the only way out is ending it all.  I know that Williams struggled with drugs and alcohol over the years which make me wonder if he was really in his right mind at the time of his suicide.


After knowing a couple of people who have committed suicide, I can say first hand that some people do feel a moment of desperation even when there are better answers out there.  It is sad that sometimes these people never reach out for help or sometimes just don’t feel they really need the help.


I don’t really consider this a wrong thing, but a stupid one that leaves those that cared about them wondering if they were part of the problem.  Again, I know this first hand and I think about my loss frequently even though it was over 20 years ago.


Overall, the world has lost a wonderful talented person with so many movies, TV shows, specials and other endeavors that he did have a very complete life.


It is unfortunate that Lauren Bacall who died just a couple of days later barely even got mentioned in the media who had a much longer career and was very popular years ago.  But then again, that is the problem.  She just didn’t connect with people of the current generation as Williams connected with the last 2 or 3 generations.


So now the big question that is probably on everybody’s mind at this point is:

What is my favorite Robin Williams’ show, movie, etc.?


Well, you may be surprised that it is one that I never saw discussed in any of the tributes of him, but is probably considered one of his least known or liked by the general public.


My movie of choice of his is “RV”.  I think this was a very funny movie and I highly recommend it.  It is a quirky movie, but it is a great family movie.


Now, Robin can make that road trip forever in his legacy of great shows (and the not so great ones).