CBS Not So Super Moves

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This week I am going to discuss superheroes.


In particular, I am going to talk about Superman and Supergirl.


First off, let’s talk Superman.


More specifically, the “I Love Lucy Superstar Special” that aired on CBS a couple of weeks ago.


While it was nice to see these 2 classic episodes that ran, I have the same complaint as I do with any colorized show.


Why ruin a perfectly good episode adding something that doesn’t belong in the first place.  My thought is that the colors were off especially the color of Lucille Ball’s hair color.  I don’t think that her hair was ever so orange as it was portrayed in these episodes.


I was also disturbed by the skin tones as they didn’t look realistic.  Everybody looked the same skin color.  Even more disturbing were the colors of things in general that looked pale and washed out.


I would have much more have rather have watched these episodes in a high-definition format over having them colorized.  Since these shows were shot on film, I don’t think it would be hard to have transferred them to a HD format.  Then again, if no HD print exists, they still could have made it look better in HD.


Ultimately, I really did not like watching these colorized shows and wish they would stop producing them once and for all.  However, as long as people are curious of them (no matter how inaccurate or bad); they will continue to be produced.


My grade for this special is 5.  There was nothing special about this special.  My eyes are still burning by the orange hair.


Now about that new Supergirl series.


CBS has released a trailer for the new Supergirl series that they plan on airing this fall,


Honestly, I thought at first that this was a wonderful idea.


After all, it has been over 30 years since Supergirl has made a real live action appearance.  Of course, we did see the Supergirl alter ego character (Kara) appear during a couple of seasons of “Smallville” played quite well by Laura Vandervoort.  Even though, we never saw her dawn the famous suit, she did wear colors at times that resemble what might very well have become the famous suit.


This leads me to the first complaint of this show: the miscasting of the lead character.  I believe that the Supergirl character should have enough body to fill out the suit, not be some waif girl who looks like someone who looks like a wimpy girl.


While it would have been nice to have had Laura reprise her role, I wonder if she was even considered for the part.  Certainly she would have looked better in the famous suit.


Next problem is the suit itself.  While I don’t expect that the series was going to use the more common, V-neck costume, I was bothered that this costume looked exactly like the suit worn in the last Superman movie.  Did they get the same tailor to get the suit to look the same?  However, the V-neck would have been nice to see.  Just as we saw the low-cut costume on Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman costume back in the 1970’s.  Were they bothered by the potential of a wardrobe malfunction?  This probably explains why the original Wonder Woman movie that aired back in the 1970’s starred Cathy Lee Crosby in a jumpsuit.  My eyes still burn thinking about that.


Next is the casting of a black Jimmy Olsen.  While some may praise the diversity of a colored character, why not just introduce a new character that is black?  Somewhere the 1950’s Jimmy Olsen Jack Larsen is rolling around in his grave, even though he isn’t dead.  I think that this character should go back to its classic redhead boy and be recast before the show debuts.


The network still has time to tweak this show before it hits the network in the fall.  What bothered me the most about the trailer was that it reminded me of the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”.  The scenes looked exactly like they were taken right out of this movie.


Overall, will I watch this show?  I will start out watching it.


Will this show last?  I believe its fate will be determined quickly as fans will quickly tire of too much girl talk and not enough real action.  Unless, they find some real villains for Supergirl quickly, this show is doomed.


How long will this show last?  Since this show doesn’t appear to be an origin show like “Smallville”, I don’t see this show lasting 10 years like that show did.  I see 3 seasons at most, if it can even survive the first season.


I will report back later when the real pilot episode premieres in the fall as I don’t want to assume that some changes won’t be made in the meantime.  I will not grade the trailer since it has too many issues as mentioned above.


So is CBS heading to making a Super-mistake in the fall as it did with the Lucy special?


Hopefully, Supergirl can survive the greatest enemy of them all: cancellation.










Worst Corporate Buy Ever?

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This week it was announced that Verizon was going to purchase AOL for about $4.4 billion.


Now the very idea of anybody buying AOL is reminiscent of times when AOL was actually a relevant company.


Nowadays AOL is mostly just a site like Yahoo that has email, news and a search engine.  However, reportedly, about 2 million people still use AOL as their dial-up service provider.


Yes I said dial-up.


Back in the good old days, millions of people used AOL as their dial-up service provider.  Back then, you hooked up your telephone line to your computer and have it dial a local (hopefully) service number.  If you were lucky, you could get through and enjoy AOL service in the slow lane.  If you were not so lucky, you would either get a busy signal or a “no service” voice message from the phone company.  Don’t even think about the time when another member of the family wanted to make a phone call and picked up another phone in the house and the connection was lost.


AOL service however was not the internet, but a portal to the services that the company offered.  Of course, there were the endless 3 ½ discs and later CDs that AOL sent out in virtually every computer magazine and many other magazines under the sun. I still have hundreds of these discs packed away somewhere.  Many of the 3 ½ discs could be reformatted and reused but in later years, they made them read only discs by having the write-protect tab removed.  All these discs promised anywhere from say 10 free hours all the way up to 1000 free hours on AOL service.  This would be great as long as you could get on the system.


There were alternatives such as Netscape, NetZero, Juno, and CompuServe.  However, nobody could really beat AOL for amount of services available with the possible exception of CompuServe.  The content from each of these portals were unique and usually not available on any other.


Then came the internet, where everything changed.  All of the above named portals soon became obsolete.


All the information that anybody needed was available to everyone not just those who had one particular service.  Because of this, faster modems were invented and broadband was born.


And so the cable companies wanted to hop on the broadband bandwagon as well.


Quickly companies like AOL began losing thousands of its users very quickly.  The company looked desperate.


Then along came Time, Inc. to the rescue.


They were able to purchase the struggling portal and make it part of the Time Warner Cable division.  I even signed up for one of their new preferred accounts for free that they were offering.  However, to use the service, you had to load a special portal program which altered access to the internet and everything was funneled through that portal.  I found the process difficult and stopped using it after a short time.  I still have an email account with them, but have not used it in years.


When Time, Inc. decided to break up its company, Time Warner Cable basically disposed of their AOL division.  They were now out on their own again, a lost soul with little future except for those who still relied on them for internet service.


Now we have Verizon, who want to purchase the company.


Is this really a good idea?  While all the comments that I have heard is that this merger would create a way to bring video and advertising to mobile devices.  As a Verizon user myself, I will say that more advertising is certainly not what I really want from the company.  In fact, I want less advertising all around including my mobile devices, not more.


Certainly, I can see this as an advantage to Verizon, but I believe that AOL should really be killed off once and for all.


But how will this play out to regulators?


I believe that the regulators may actually approve this merger, but may question the dollar amount as being too high for what they get for their money.  Overall, I see this a bad deal and should not happen.


Maybe Verizon will be purchasing AOL with thousands of free hour discs they accumulated over the years.  If they need more, just ask.


I got probably over 100 of those free discs I can give them as down payment.