This week instead of some long winding post, I have decided to make this short and simple.

Yes, not every topic was covered this year.  Many events came up that were preferred to discuss than the topics that I had planned.  This does not mean that these topics have been forgotten, rather just been pushed to a later date.

I have some big plans for both blogs in 2016, which I don’t want to spoil now.  However, I do plan on keeping on alternate weeks between both blogs with an occasional posting appearing in both blogs.  An example of that will appear in January as I do my annual crystal ball predictions.  Hopefully, I will have done better at predicting this year than last year.

Finally, I would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season and I will be back in January with a new post. However, if WordPress does the automated year-end review, I will post this in my blogs before year’s end, otherwise you have about 3 weeks without me.

Hopefully, you don’t miss me too much!