Well, it is finally over.  After nearly a week and half, the show that started out interesting crashed and burned on its big finale.  I am talking about the Ryan Seacrest hosted and produced show “The Million Second Quiz”.


If you missed this 24/7 train wreck, congratulations you survived the mess that could have been interesting.  Unfortunately, given that only one hour of 24 aired on television and most of that was filled endless commercials, only about 20 minutes was actual gameplay.


Add to this that I watched the show in standard definition to zoom in closer to the questions at the bottom of the screen which was still too small even in this format.  Given that the television I used also has closed-captioning enabled and that the writing appeared right across the question area at the bottom of the screen, this show was impossible to read the questions or enjoy whatsoever.


Given that Ryan Seacrest wants to become the next Dick Clark, this certainly wasn’t the way to start even though Mr. Clark had many show failures over the years.  To make matters worse was that the big finale episode was such a lopsided game; it was not even fun to watch.  Hopefully this hourglass and chair get retired for an eternity.


My Score:  2


However, things were not much better for long-running shows “Wheel of Fortune” and “Jeopardy” during their premiere week.


On “Wheel”, a contestant misspoke the word “curio” in the phrase “Corner Curio Cabinet”.  Unfortunately, because of the error, he lost the round and his eventual chance at winning a million dollars.  On “Jeopardy”, a player mispronounced the word “Equus” in his response; however Alex Trebek corrected him and gave him credit for the answer.


Ironically, the “Wheel” video went viral and hit all the major talk shows, whereas the “Jeopardy” flub was never mentioned.  So it’s ok to screw up on “Jeopardy”, but not ok on “Wheel” unless you write the wrong spelling which should not matter (so they say) in Final Jeopardy as one kid did last year by miswriting “Emancipation Proclamation”.


I guess these shows pick and choose who they want to win or lose just by what they write or mispronounce.  At this rate, this double standard will cause both of these shows to join “Million Second Quiz” on the cancellation list.  Let’s hope that doesn’t happen in the near future and these shows should standardize how they handle what people say and write.