Going Back to Go Forward — Hilary Duff Style

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She’s back!


Yes, Hilary Duff has come back into the world of entertainment.


In the 8 years that she has been gone, she has gotten married, had a child, got tattoos (which she said at one time she would NEVER do), and gotten a divorce.


While she has never really been off the radar screen, she has not been doing anything in the entertainment field for quite a while.


However, this doesn’t mean that her return to the entertainment world has been stellar.


In the last few months she has costarred in the TV Land series “Younger”.   Honestly I do not like this show at all because it seems to be just a watered down version of shows like “Sex in the City”.  I could live without all the sex talk that this show has and this show is not the least bit funny to me.  Unfortunately this show will have a second season whether I like it or not.  Maybe I am just not the show’s target audience.  However, I don’t think that Hilary’s fans are the target audience for this show either.  I would have preferred a “Lizzie McGuire” sequel show sort of like what happened to “Boy Meets World”.  Well, maybe someday it might happen.


Now we have the release of her new cd that happened in the last week.  While I have not heard more than a couple of tracks from the cd, I must admit that she sounds like the same sort of kid style music that she released years ago.


While the lyrics may sound adult, the singing itself sounds like she did 10 years ago.  Whether this is a good thing or a bad one depends on your perspective of her.  Certainly her audience has matured and so should her music and her voice, but it seems someone is manipulating her voice to sound the same as it did back then


This leads me to the major issue that I have had with a couple of live performances that she has recently been on in the last week.  Both “Live with Kelly and Michael” and “The View”, it appeared that she was lip-syncing her song “Sparks”, which she performed on both shows.  On both shows, the performance sounded exactly the same with no change in pitch or any other inflections in sound.


However, after the “Live” show, the hosts quickly interviewed her after the performance and it was apparent that the microphone that she was holding was not working because it had a hollow sound when she spoke.  Of course, being a live show maybe they thought nobody would ever notice the difference.


While this is not the career-ending type of appearance that Ashlee Simpson made on “SNL” a few years ago, it does however bring up the long-standing question as to whether she lip-syncs her songs or performs them live.  I used to be part of yahoo groups that made this a major discussion and the consensus was that she was lip-syncing her live performances.


Quite honestly, I would love for her not to have to resort to this type of behavior, but it seems that this is the way she is always going to perform her music.  I will say that I like the song and the bits of other songs that I have heard but I have to give the performances a score of 3.


As far as the cd itself is concerned, I have not had a chance to listen to the whole cd yet I refer fans of hers to buy the deluxe version at Target, which has a couple of bonus songs for the same price as other stores have it at.  Just a note, that this edition will probably be available while supplies last only, so if you want it don’t wait until the holidays to buy it as I don’t think it will be around then.   So I will not grade this item at the foreseeable future.


Overall, Hilary Duff’s return is a mixed bag.  She is trying to perform like she did as a child, but her grownup role just doesn’t work.  If only shows like TRL on MTV were still around to make her more relevant to today’s kids.  But then again MTV is not relevant anymore either.


However, the early 2000’s are not dead for girl group Dream is reuniting to perform together again.  If they sound like they did back then, I think my head is really going to explode not that it hasn’t already done that.  Stay tuned.


No Beyonce for You at Target

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If you have not heard, Beyoncé has a new album out.


Just don’t look for it at your favorite local store.


At least not until this Friday.


This is when her self-titled CD will be released tentatively.


Just don’t look for it at your local Target store though.


According to the company, they don’t want to be part of a cd that has already sold over a half-million copies on iTunes.


Can you blame them?


Less than a week before Christmas and this cd drops out of nowhere with no advanced notice whatsoever.  Certainly not the kind of business anybody wants this close to the holiday.


So what is the REAL reason that the company isn’t going to carry this cd?


I believe that Target likes to have exclusives to the CDs that they sell so selling this one as a non-exclusive would not be in their best interest. After all, what company would not want to make extra money for extras such as bonus songs, bonus CD/DVD, collectable packaging or some other gimmick?


Just look at most of the new releases that have occurred in the last month.  Most all of them have had exclusives to Target giving them an edge in selling a special product.


Chances are that every store will sell the cd at pretty much the same price.  This gives nobody the advantage and being so close to the end of the year, no company wants to be stuck with inventory that they can’t sell and will have to count after the new year.


Consider, also the greed by both Beyoncé and her record company for wanting to swoop in at the last minute and steal sales away from other recent releases.  Nothing says love to your favorite artist than cutthroat marketing.


Finally, there is the issue of too much of a crowded field of CDs already out there.  There have been way too many releases in the last few months and some have been sold out for weeks with no chance of restocking before the holidays.  Customers won’t settle for something else when what they is sold out.


My recommendation:  leave this CD alone until after the new year when it will probably be cheaper and chances are that a special edition will be released later in the year by some chain.  As a non-fan of her, this is a recommendation from someone who likes their physical media.  This one just isn’t the one.



Please note:


This is the last posting for this year.  I will return the first week of January with a brand new posting (if all goes well).  For you date counters out there, that means approximately 3 weeks from now I will return


Until then, remember have a safe and happy holiday season or if you don’t celebrate the holidays, make one up.