Fun Size Rating Maybe Not So Fun Size

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Well, as predicted the Victoria Justice movie that opens in about 10 days has received the more fierce PG-13 rating.

Apparently, as the rating states of partying, suggestive language and such, that this is REALLY not a kid’s movie and thus parents should be aware of that.  I sometimes question why the MPAA rates movies the way they do as sometimes the ratings seem far off from where they really should be.

However, this time I believe that in part potty-mouth Chelsea Handler could be to blame for this.  Maybe if someone else was in the role of the mother maybe it might have gotten the more kid-friendly PG rating instead.

Certainly this rating will reduce the audience significantly as parents keep the kids away from this movie.  Only time with tell how little this movie takes in at the box office/


When Nick Stars and Late Night Clash

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Last week, two of Nickelodeon’s cast members clashed with late night programming.  One had a less than desirable result, the other was barely palatable.  Let’s start with the better of the two first.


Last Saturday night, Nick ran the premiere episode of the fifth and final shortened season of iCarly.  The episode titled “iShook America” was full of flaws, not just the desired one.  First thing to point out was that this show focused on the gang going to appear on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon“.  If your child doesn’t know who he is, then I would recommend not bothering watching this episode as it won’t be understood very well by the intended audience.  Since the show runs after midnight, it is unexpected that the core audience of iCarly would even know who he is.

This was only the beginning of the problems with this episode.  Among other flaws include:

  • Late night shows are NEVER aired live so Gibby’s wardrobe malfunction would have been edited out.  The dancing sequence wasn’t even funny anyway.  A funnier one would have been the gang do the beer pong segment.  Nothing would have been funnier than seeing a drunken Gibby stumble throughout New York City.
  • Seattle, hometown of the iCarly gang, would have been dark because the show is on late at night and even being on the west coast it would still be dark outside.
  • The solicitation of money was used in an earlier episode from 4 years ago (“iOwe You“) and the solicitation was illegal then.  How did it all of a sudden get to be legal?  Sounds like a lack of knowing your previous story lines and the lack of writers checking their facts from the older episodes.

Sadly, this episode was so full of holes and inconsistencies that the show really wasn’t all that enjoyable or funny.  It appears that as the show heads to its quick exit, it wants guest stars on it as opposed to getting the facts right.

I am giving this show 3 ratings:

Rating for children: 4.  Might be enjoyable, but many jokes will fall silent on those under 16.

Rating for adults/general public:  7.  Adults may get the jokes, but will find inconsistencies in the show.

Raring for Jimmy Fallon fans: 9.  Fans will get the jokes and in-studio humor, but be irritated by the inconsistencies.


Victoria Justice on Chelsea Lately

What happens when the sweetest girl meets up with Ms. Late Night Potty-mouth?  A cringe-worthy performance that would make any Victoria fan even look away.

One would think that this show would lighten up the sexual humor for one episode.  Not so.  The opening act included the cast reading from Cosmopolitan magazine about female breasts.  Not only was this not funny, but it was sort of disgusting as well.

Let me say that I don’t watch Chelsea Lately with any consistency and it is quite obvious why.  Just one episode can be enough cringe-worthy material to keep anybody from watching more than occasionally.

Needless to say that the interview with Victoria Justice went no better.  It started with a giggly segment discussing parts of the female breast and went pretty much downhill from there.  If you have ever seen one Victoria interview, you have all ready seen everything that this one had to offer.  To make matters worse for poor Victoria was that she was wearing a nearly see-through top that made me wonder if something X-rated was going to happen after the show ended.  After all, Victoria is 19 and certainly free to do what she wants now in life.

Sadly these two appear in the forthcoming movie “Fun Size” as mother and daughter.  This movie, which comes out at the end of the month, does not yet have a rating as of this writing.  I predict that the rating will be PG-13 as opposed to the more family friendly PG.  The reason I am believing this is that Potty-Mouth Chelsea is in the movie and some movies get ratings based upon who is in it as opposed to its content.  If you don’t believe that, just check some actors and see their consistency with certain ratings.  It could be that the MPAA is lazy or just overwhelmed by the number of movies it has to rate.

This half hour show could not end soon enough as my appreciation of Victoria dropped a notch at least temporarily after this appearance.  I can still feel my eyes and ears bleeding after this show even after a week.  It took me that long to get over this horrible episode.

My Rating:  1. (2 if you are a daredevil).  The “eww-factor” is way too great to sit through this horrible episode no matter what.


Bottom Line

Neither show is worth watching and just proves you cannot mix a kid’s network with late night programming.  It just doesn’t work at all.    Now excuse me as I continue to flush out my eyes and ears of everything Chelsea.