Almost as soon as I wrote my last post and Time Warner Cable has dropped yet another channel.  CurrentTV, which just hours before sold to Al-Jazeera, the big oil company which has links to terrorist activities.  Anybody who doesn’t believe there is a connection between the removal of this channel and the selling of it is just an idiot.

Yet, this now makes 2 channels gone and NO price reduction from TWC.  How many more channels are going to disappear just because the channel doesn’t fit TWC’s political agenda?  It’s apparent that TWC only cares about profit and cares nothing at all about content.

On another front, SiriusXM has removed Fox Talk News from their satellite radio lineup.  Apparently, the satellite service has the same sort of agenda as TWC.  Since both Fox News and CurrentTV could be considered extremes of the media spectrum, it is no surprise that both of these channels have disappeared from the respective sources.  If I were a subscriber to SiriusXM, I would be extremely angry of the removal of Fox News because I watch their news and stock channels on a regular basis.

Both TWC and SiriusXM need to be big boys and return their channels to their respective sources, otherwise their subscribers may start disappearing when they are charged the same price for fewer choices.  It’s sad that these companies think they can restrict our 1st Amendment rights.  Let’s hope these companies wise up very soon.