Last week, I got the postcard.


Minutes ago, I got the email.


They both said the same thing:  the channel Epix was coming March 18 on channel 1101 locally.


Well, two things were wrong with that information.  The first is that it didn’t start as promised on the 18th and it certainly wasn’t on channel 1101.  It actually appears in the range of channels 594-599.


Was the wrong information given purposely or was it just a huge oversight?  I believe the former to be more of the case than the latter.  While this channel has been long coming for many (not me however), I find that hiding it certainly is not what should really be done.


As far as I can tell, this new series of channels is about the same as the comparable other movie channels out there.  This series of channels offers no wow factor to the otherwise overwhelming number of movie channels already available.


While Time Warner says that there will be a 3 month free preview period, no mention has been given as to how much this channel will cost.  Given how much the bill will increase in the next month, this channel should be free forever.


I highly doubt that I will pay for another unwatched movie channel.


On another front, TWC sneaked in another downgrade to their system a couple of nights ago (version 7.2_0.11).


This new version has eliminated the alphabetical option to the guide, so searching a channel by its name is no longer possible.  This just adds insult to injury as it has been less than a month since most of the channels have been moved around.  Are they trying to tick everybody off?


Overall, between the Epix problem and the navigator update, TWC has once again proven their incompetence.


We can only hope that things will get better when the merger with Comcast happens.  It can’t get any worse.