The Law of the Land?

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Warning:  The following post contains material that may be offensive to some readers.  Reader caution is STRONGLY recommended.


Note:  The following is being posted in both blogs this week as I feel it is important enough to appear in both of them.


Yes, everyone the government has officially gone wild and stupid.


Back when I was in school many years ago, I learned that we had 3 divisions of government:  executive, judicial, and legislative branches.  Nowadays, these divisions have been crossing paths with each other because each of them wants to make laws that we are supposed to live by.  Of course only the legislative branch has the power to make laws.


Tell that to our government today.


Recently, the President made an executive order regarding immigrants and last week the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in all 50 states.  The latter is what I am going to talk about in this post.


Nos while this may seem fine on the surface, let’s get to the real problem here.  Quite a few states have yet approved gay marriage and some have rejected it more than once.  To have the courts decide what is good for the country in one fell swoop is not only a bad move but creates the type of problems that have been plaguing this country for years.


For someone to call this “the law of the land” makes me sick, as this law was forced down the throats of people whether they want it or not.  Let’s add to this the following things that irritate me just as much as just passing the law:


  • Lighting up the White House in the rainbow flag colors. What can be worse than having the “People’s House” not representing all the people and being paid for at taxpayer’s expense?  When you don’t represent everyone you should not force the values on everyone else.
  • Having people change their Facebook profile picture to be covered in the rainbow flag colors. Do these people even have a clue that their so-called support is just flaming the fire of those who don’t like having a law slammed down their throat?  Apparently all these rainbow people have not done their research on this “law”.
  • The celebrating in the streets by those who feel like they won the lottery. Truth is, your rights are still limited despite being the law.


It is this last point that is the most critical of them all.


Even though gay people have the right to marry, the bigger question is who will marry them.  Any religious leader can still deny a gay marriage performance if they don’t want to do it.


Add to this that places like bakeries can deny a customer who wants to create a wedding cake for a gay couple as well.  Let’s even add more to this as gays can be fired from their jobs, denied seating in restaurants, and can still be treated like second class citizens.


And the gays think they won the marriage battle?


Honestly, what has now happened is a Pandora’s box of problems that will sprout and raise its ugly head.


Oh sure, those of you wearing blinders waving your rainbow flag and showing your gay pride by changing your Facebook profile pic may feel happy, but the truth is that the gay community has won nothing.




Are you people hearing me?  If anything, the passage of a law that goes against the views of the people will cause nothing but problems.  More discrimination and more hatred will be coming.


If the black community think that they have been hated lately, that is nothing compared to the firestorm against the gay community to come.


Since the Supreme Court was a 5-4 decision, the court was pretty much evenly divided, however since 2 of the justices on the affirmative side have performed gay marriages, they should have recused themselves from making a decision on this case.  If that happened, then this law never would have passed whatsoever.


So here is the problem with our court system.


Instead of going by the Constitution, which makes no mention of gays in it, the justices decided to go by their own personal beliefs to put forth their decision.  Let’s forget that there were any evidence to support either side, the fact that the court even made a decision on this at all just proves that the court wants to make its own laws just like the Congress does.


It is bad enough that Congress can’t make laws but to have the courts step up and make laws just shows how wrong our government has really become.  It appears that the courts wants to make laws and then execute them in any way they like even if it means screwing the American people.


Now let me say that I am not in favor of gay marriage, however I do have several gay friends.  I am not a racist or a bigot but I do believe in what the religious teachings I grew up with are.  Even though I no longer practice religion, I still stand behind the faith that I have known all my life.  I do however support the idea of gay unions just not the idea of redefining marriage.


Of course now the courts have opened themselves up to yet another problem.  What about those who are bigamists or those who believe in marrying their pet horse?


Shouldn’t these people be given their rights as well?  Shouldn’t they be given the chance to be happy as well?  Should we not discriminate against these people either?


If you are going to give rights to one group, it should be fair to give rights to all groups.  Certainly we don’t have a fair and balanced court system if they refuse to have everyone get an equal playfield.


Certainly if I had my way, I would be impeaching the Supreme Court and remove them from their lifetime tenure that they so enjoy.  I believe that our entire court system is riddled with problems and that judges should be replaced on a regular basis.  Of course, only Congress can make that decision unless the Supreme Court wants to make a law barring that from ever happening.


Finally, let me say that our entire government system is broken.  Those of you who read my blogs probably already knew that.  However, I do believe that we need an honest system where everyone is fairly represented and that we don’t have laws shoved down our throats without the type of representation that this country was built on a couple hundred years ago.


It seems that the more we try to go forward in advancing equality for all, the further we seem to go backwards.


Unfortunately, our Pledge of Allegiance statement of “and justice for all” seems no longer apply to everyone anymore.


Our only hope is that someone will try to repeal the national gay marriage bill and allow states to make their own decisions on if they want it.  It was the right thing to do and the smart thing to do.


For those of you, who read this and appreciate this, thank you.


For those of you, who hate me for what I have written, maybe you should really dig deeper into what you personally stand for.


In the end, I know I will be hated for what I have written, but I did forewarn you.


To all, thanks and let’s repeal this ugly law.






Maine Politics Winners and Losers (Sorry, Just Losers)

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The following special post is being presented in all my blogs this week.


This has been a very interesting week for the political climate here in Maine and mostly not in a good way.


Let’s start with the admission by U.S. House member Michael Michaud coming out to admit he was gay.  Michaud was trying to beat the gossipers to the news, which he probably never wanted to release publicly.  As someone who wants to become Maine’s next governor, he may have put himself out of the race with this revelation.  He claims that he is the ‘same old Mike as yesterday”, but I believe that people won’t adjust to the “New old Mike”.  I really have my doubts about his political future.


On the same day, current governor Paul LePage launches his reelection campaign.  He claims that he has lowered taxes, paid off our hospitals, and getting rid of welfare fraud.


Is he serious?


He has raised taxes by raising the sales tax to 5.5% and allowing taxing on items not previously taxed.  He has cut the homestead exemption therefore raising property taxes on many citizens of the state to new highs. Paying off the hospitals just added to the expenses that Maine taxpayers have had to suffer especially given the non-expansion of the MaineCare system (Medicaid).  Finally, welfare fraud came at the expense of not enrolling anybody who shouldn’t be on the rolls, which includes people like me who are uninsured and currently unemployed.  Certainly, not a smart move for those whore really need it.


Now onto the Election Day mess.


For those people living in Lewiston, congratulations.  You got more time with your loudmouth Robert Macdonald as mayor.  This is the guy who wanted to get rid of the Somalia people from the city as they were a drain on the city’s resources.  Expect him to compete well against LePage for more offensive comments during the coming year or so.


For people of Portland, congratulations on legalizing marijuana of 2.5 ounces within the city limits.  Bad news is that the people can’t get it from the medical dispensaries and there is no regulation of how this will be implemented.  However, considering that it’s still illegal at the state and federal level, expect that those who want their pot will get it somehow illegally.  Just don’t step over the city line or you will risk being arrested for possession.


For my fellow citizens of South Portland, congratulations are in order double.  First, you approved big oil to win in a close vote (under 200 vote difference) to allow tar sands to come into the waterfront region and allow big oil to build nice smokestacks in the city as well.  Apparently many of the citizens of SoPo were smoking their weed in Portland to realize the future pollution in South Portland.    Secondly, the stupid people of the city voted to build a $14 million public works garage, when something about half that price was once suggested.  Add this to the $50+ million approved for the high school a couple of years ago and you will realize that property taxes will go through the roof.  Don’t people realize that the city doesn’t have any money trees growing in the city?


And finally, congratulations to all the citizens of Maine for approving 5 bond issues totaling around $150 million.  Can we afford all this debt?  After all, we are already the worst state in the nation to do business.  Did we want to make more debt a priority in raising taxes even more when this is combined with the $450 million hospital bill?  Who will pay the $600 million back?  Certainly not getting any money from those money trees growing around the state.


Overall, the state is pretty much screwed up and the people are screwed paying for years for things that really are not needed or required.  Maybe next year, we can get something right for once and get back from the bottom of the deck of states and stop being the butt of all jokes.


One Big Win and One Even Bigger Loss

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Well, the elections are over and it was a 50/50 split for me.

Obama got back in which was a good thing.

Unfortunately, Maine decided to approve the gay marriage law.  It’s sad to say that now we will have to work to repeal this law and make the state livable again.  It is so bad that the people of the state were fooled into approving this bad law.

However, one thing that really bothered me when I went to vote yesterday was the sheer number of people who were registering to vote for the first time.  This line never had less than 15 people in it at any time I was there at the voting location.  What really bothersome was how were these new voters being processed?  I did not see anyone around to input data into a computer much less anyone with a computer.  How were these people prevented from multiple votes at different locations?  Since these people looked like college age people (and many looked gay), I really think that people who should not be voting in the first place persuaded the voting.  Can we say crooked voting?  I believe it is.  All we can do now is unite to repeal the awful law and become the state where “Life Should Be” and not “Gay Life Is”.  I can see many people being very angry given how close this referendum was and much discrimination will still exist no matter what the law says. Let’s start the repeal process NOW and get this on the ballot as soon as possible!