I usually give the advice of “vote early and vote often”.  Tomorrow, however I will be staying away from the polls for a number of reasons and why you should too:

  • Nobody supports Obamacare and is against same-sex marriage.  I can’t have my cake and eat it too.  Sadly, at least one should share both the views.
  • Too much fighting between the candidates.  What did we learn from them saying the same things over and over with just finger-pointing at each other.
  • Bruce Poliquin wants to ride the coattails of Governor Paul LePage despite not supporting any candidate.  Smart move for the dumbass governor to ignore all these so-called candidates.
  • None of the candidates said what they would do “to help the citizens of Maine“.  Do we not exist anymore?  Is it all about Washington politics and Wall Street?  Apparently!
  • Most want to lower the upper tax rate and reduce the corporate tax level.  Sure give the richest even more money so that they won’t hire anyone even more so!
  • Most are backed by out-of-state PAC groups. This screams “Stay AWAY!”.
  • Nobody gave any insight into what they would do to change Washington instead of just being another politician.

Sadly, the replacement of Senator Snowe is not an easy task, but replacing her with any of these losers will be just politics as usual.  I do plan on voting in November to keep Mitt Romney out of the White House, but for now I will not exercise my voting right.