I had been using the program Spybot for years, specifically the version of 1.6.2.  I was very happy with this version of the program and it worked well for me.  So when the opportunity to get the new version 2 came up, I jumped at the chance to get it.  Usually, I love being a beta tester for most of the software I use, but in this particular case, I really wasn’t interested so I waited for the final release version.

While the new version has a big clean interface, my likes for the product stops there.  Doing updates to the program requires multiple steps and sometimes hitting the same button multiple times.  It is very confusing and not much help is available on-screen to assist along the way.

All was well and good for about a month on my 2 test machines until both machines started acting up.  I received notices that the “Internet Protection was off” or “Software was out of date”.  It was difficult if not impossible to troubleshoot these problems.  After getting frustrated over the last week, I finally decided to uninstall this product and go back to the more user intuitive 1.6.2 version.

I really hope that version 3 will work better for me whenever this will be released sometime in the distant future.  Let me reiterate that version 2 may work for some just not for me.


Final rating for Version 2:  6



Version 2 worked for a while then gave up the ghost.  Prefers older version with better interface and easier to follow approach.