My 2015 Commencement Address

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Warning: The following post may be offensive to some readers.  Discretion is advised.


Welcome folks to my annual commencement address!


This year I am not only addressing those graduating school, but I also have some brief advice to others as well.  I am going to do this in a top down fashion starting with those graduating college.


Fellow college graduates, you have that wonderful degree that you just received from your favorite school with a degree in Amish electronics.  The problem is now that you have that paper but for some stupid reason you cannot find a job using that degree.


Ha!  You just became the victim of going to college and wasting money on a useless degree.  Of course, if Obama has his way, that money you paid for that degree will be forgiven and you will not owe anything for it.  That’s right, friends, get that useless degree and enjoy those years not having to join the workforce.


Naturally, you will have to join the workforce at some point.  While places like McDonald’s could be an option that is not what you were going for.  So your only choice is to get some low wage job that you can get, more than likely retail is certainly a fine choice, just like your humble speaker did.


Now onto the high school graduates, you are in the pretty much the same boat as the college grads.


You have the choice of spending money you don’t have to go to a college for a degree that will be useless in 4 years or so or you can go out and get a real job in the real world with the high school education you have.


Naturally, many students are not prepared for college.  I was one of them.  I found myself in trouble very early but I persisted and kept at it until I got my degree after 8 years of going part-time.  I could never get into a work-study program with my major because apparently I was “too rich”.  Seriously, too rich when I was taking out student loans every year to survive, what are they thinking?


This brings me to the point of a disclaimer that I have been hearing that “a degree doesn’t guarantee a job”.  It used to be that colleges would offer job placement assistance, now all they do is send you out the door with a “good luck” attitude.  They should just hand you a Walmart name tag at graduation instead.


Now for the kids in middle school and elementary school, you are the rebel group.


You spend your time with your little smartphones.  You play games, texting, talking to your friends, and using them to help you cheat on tests.  You may also be using them to send out those inappropriate pictures of yourself to your friends and to everyone else in the world as well.  Believe me, I have seen pictures before and the parents should be ashamed of not teaching proper etiquette.  Instead the parents shame their kids on the internet, sometimes with tragic results.  One child just recently committed suicide after being public shamed by their parents.


Which finally brings me to the parents and the little babies in their lives; you are the ones who should be acting like grownups here.


You opt out of vaccinations because people like Dr. Jenny McCarthy (not a real doctor, by the way) say that they cause autism.  You do other readings from others who echo these false claims.  Sure, you can send your kid to school unvaccinated, but you run the risk of not only having the kid getting sick but also spreading disease to others as well.  I am not just talking about in school, but any public place as well, such as shopping malls, where large numbers of people gather.


As livings in one of the states with the highest opt out rates in the country, I am disgusted that such behavior can go on.  When I was young, I could not even go to school unless I brought in proof that I was immunized and then the school secretary called the doctor to verify the information.  Back then, there were very few exceptions and if you didn’t follow the rules, you weren’t allowed to go to school period.  We should go back to those ways when everyone was protected.


Now I place the blame for this on parents.  You know you are a bad parent.  You may even be a single parent.  You may be a single mother.  You may not even know who your child’s father is.  You may have even had several children and don’t know who any of the fathers are.  Just watch any of the afternoon TV programs and you will see this played out in all its glory.  Parents need to become more aware of their children and more responsible people.  You are raising the future generation and you only get one chance – don’t screw it up!


In conclusion, let me say that society is going to hell fast.  We are all hating each other.  Authorities are not being respected.  People are becoming liars just so that they can get ahead in this world.


So people put down your gadgets and look around you.


We are becoming a world where nobody likes each other and just want to create chaos everywhere.  Add to this, a President who is out of touch with reality and wants to do nothing to make the world a better place.  I am ashamed of the USA and you should be as well.


Remember after 9/11, how we all came together united as one nation.  What happened to that?  Now we are beating each other in the streets, murdering each other, setting fires to local businesses and creating chaos everywhere.


This needs to stop today and we need a leader who can bring forth the kind of change that will bring us back to the greatness we once had.


Soon, we will be electing a new President.  I recommend that everyone pay close attention to each of the candidates and see how each of them plan on bringing this country back to greatness.


After all, we are ONE NATION.  We are AMERICA!


You are now free to go and continue to live your lives.


Thank you and good day.


















Debt $16 Trillion – Why We Should Be Happy?

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You owe the U.S. government over $50,000.  Congratulations, U.S. taxpayer, this is your share of the huge debt that now burdens the economy and probably will never get paid off.

Let’s just ask Romney to put it on his Black American Express card.  Chances are he will have it paid off in 30 days.  This is the kind of impression one should get from a guy who is wishy-washy on everything anyway.

Let’s keep going in the right direction — support Democrats and get Congress working again!

Newsweek Magazine — Not So Newsy or Weekly

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Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to get a free subscription to Newsweek magazine.  Never one to pass up a free deal, I decided to go for it.  I have been a subscriber to Time Magazine for over 30 years so I thought it would be interesting to get another view of the world’s news.

Unfortunately, Newsweek has been nothing short of disappointing.  Not only has many of the issues that I have received been double issues (published every other week), but the magazine hasn’t been much on the newsworthy side either.

Take for example the issue from two weeks ago.  The cover story was all about Mitt Romney being a “wimp”.  However, reading the article called him a “weenie”.  Whether you hate him or not, this type of bullying is just not really acceptable.  I say “not really” because I am actually 100% in agreement with the statement, but I really don’t think that it was proper for a “news magazine” to use this term.

This article was preceded by a story about drunk girls in London which was led by a picture of three young women’s backsides stumbling around a London street.  Again, not really appropriate in a news magazine.

Following the Romney story, was a multiple page essay on President Assad’s wife and interview with her.  The article was about 4 pages too long and very boring and certainly lacked any newsworthiness.  Sandwiched between these two stories was a story about some recent mass killing murders along with some very weird pictures of them.

Basically, each of them were called psychopaths and left no other real explanations. Again, name calling is used to make these people possibly worse than they truly are.

The current issue of Newsweek is no better than the previous issue by having its cover story be about the 101 best places to eat around the world.  Seriously, as if any REAL person will ever experience even 10% of these places.  What a waste of paper to list these along with phone numbers to contact the various eateries.  Do they not have any real news to report?

To add insult to injury, the magazine also gives top 10 lists of colleges in various categories like best schools and best party schools.  Shouldn’t this information have been made available around January before kids were getting ready to head off to college instead of just days before they head off to school.  A little to late for those wanting any real info about the school they would be entering this year.   This issue also contained a multiple page story of  employment issues, however it said nothing that hasn’t already been said many times before.

It is no wonder why the publishers of Newsweek are thinking of discontinuing publishing the magazine and make it a web-only magazine like U.S. News and World Report.  This magazine when compared to Time lacks relevance and certainly confuses real news with bullying opinions.  Until they can separate these apart, the magazine will continue to lose market share and be worth only the free subscription that I receive and not worth a penny more!

Why I WON’T Be Voting In Tomorrow’s Maine Primary

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I usually give the advice of “vote early and vote often”.  Tomorrow, however I will be staying away from the polls for a number of reasons and why you should too:

  • Nobody supports Obamacare and is against same-sex marriage.  I can’t have my cake and eat it too.  Sadly, at least one should share both the views.
  • Too much fighting between the candidates.  What did we learn from them saying the same things over and over with just finger-pointing at each other.
  • Bruce Poliquin wants to ride the coattails of Governor Paul LePage despite not supporting any candidate.  Smart move for the dumbass governor to ignore all these so-called candidates.
  • None of the candidates said what they would do “to help the citizens of Maine“.  Do we not exist anymore?  Is it all about Washington politics and Wall Street?  Apparently!
  • Most want to lower the upper tax rate and reduce the corporate tax level.  Sure give the richest even more money so that they won’t hire anyone even more so!
  • Most are backed by out-of-state PAC groups. This screams “Stay AWAY!”.
  • Nobody gave any insight into what they would do to change Washington instead of just being another politician.

Sadly, the replacement of Senator Snowe is not an easy task, but replacing her with any of these losers will be just politics as usual.  I do plan on voting in November to keep Mitt Romney out of the White House, but for now I will not exercise my voting right.

How Mitt Romney Will Get Unemployment to 6%

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Here is a step-by-step approach of how Mitt Romney will get the unemployment rate to 6% in his first year.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  1. Give bigger tax breaks to Wall Street investors and the very rich.
  2. Encourage companies to fire people to increase profits.
  3. People go on unemployment, however, Romney drops the time to be on unemployment to 4 weeks.
  4. People get frustrated at inability to find job in 4 weeks that they just stop looking.
  5. These people will no longer be counted in the unemployment total, thus the unemployment rate will continue to drop as more people are no longer counted.
  6. However, the real unemployment rate will skyrocket to as much as 20% or more — meeting or exceeding Spain’s unemployment rate.

Therefore congratulations will be given to Romney for lowering the unemployment rate, but we will have extremely high unemployment and more rich bastards, just what Romney dreams of.  If this is what you really want, vote Romney in November, otherwise let’s stay the course.  Let’s keep the rich bastards out of the White House!